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Morton Bartlett
Waving Girl (2010)
Morton Bartlett (1909 - 1992)
With a sublime combination of genius, observation, eccentricity and passion, Morton Bartlett created a fantasy family of model children, 3 boys and 12 girls. Meticulously sculpted, perfectly dressed and posed, they were then photographed in a series of staged scenarios, at once quotidian and dramatic, with images including girls curled up reading, a boy at the beach or a teenager practicing ballet.
Greco-Buddhist head of a Bodhishattva
2nd to 3rd Century AD
Head of a Bodhisattva in finely carved dark gray schist for this sculpture in ronde bosse. Typical iconography of the art of Gandhâra at that time, presenting a handsome even face, slightly bulging eyes, delicately drawn lips showing the whisper of a smile and topped by a wavy mustache and an aquiline nose in the Greek-style that inspired it. The Urna is situated above the arch of the eyebrows, symbolizing omniscience; a forceful and meditative gaze emerges from the heavy, half-closed eyelids.
Pair of Phoenician Earrings Roman period with garnet (30 - 337 AD)
Pair of 24-karat earrings in the form of a bunch of grapes made up of 5 granulated spheres, the last one separated by a horizontal ring, and surmounted by a crescent ornamented with a very beautiful garnet cabochon.
Historical Origins: Roman Phoenicia (30 - 337 AD) The spherical ornamentation of these earrings and their granulation recalls a pomegranate. Attribute of the Roman goddesses of love (Venus) and marriage (Juno), this fruit is the symbol of fertility and prosperity, and also rebirth.
Picasso - plate with Four Interlaced Profiles (1949)
Round plate representing four interlaced profiles. Original work from 1949 of which a limited edition of 25 was produced. The figures' contour is in relief highlighted by a midnight blue line and black vegetal decoration, all on a very light ivory-white background.

On the back: the contour of a stylized figure in the same tones of blue and black and the inscriptions: Empreinte Originale De Picasso and “Madoura plein feu”.
Burnham and Root Drawing (1887)
John Wellborn Root, delineator
Burnham & Root, architects

India ink over graphite pencil on archival paper

Provenance: Burnham collection via: Burnham & Root; D.H. Burnham & Company; Graham, Burnham & Co.; D. H. Burnham & Company; Burnham Brothers; Burnham and Hammond Inc., Architects; E.H Finneran and C. Rauchenberger, architects; Kelmscott Gallery
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Colour Field
Terra Cotta Buffalo
Xei Dynasty
Iznik Polychrome Pottery Dish
Trade Sign
New England, 19th C.
Marquesan Island Club
Polynesia 18th-19th C.
Morion of The Saxon Trabantenleibgarde
Head of Pazuzu
Red Serpentine Stone
Martha Walter
Coney Island
Standing Figure
Diquis, Costa Rica
Langston Hughes
Autograph Note Signed
Sarkoy Thracian Kilim
18th Century
Stud Book of Hounds
English, 19th C.
Ceremonial Hacha
Maya, Mexico
German Maximilian
Bena Lulua Figure
Zaire, Wood
Indo-Persian Peshkabz
Circa 1840
Scarab Brooch
19th Century
Besamim Box
German, 18th C.
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