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Illuminated Manuscript Leaf: The Adoration of Mary (1475)
Large 15th century vellum leaf with miniature depicting the adoration of Mary. In the background of the central image are 11 saints and angels forming a triptych. In the foreground are two donor figures kneeling before the Madonna and child. Surrounding the central scene are 13 medallions with images of saints, most of whom are named on bands each holds. The medallions rest on a gold background filled with purple flowers & thistles. Two small animals also decorate the leaf.
Fossilized Molar from a Mammoth (Prehistoric)
The Proboscidea, social animals, are characterized by a trunk formed following the fusion and elongation of the nose muscles and the upper lip. They have particularly long, ivory upper incisors that are called tusks. They have no canines nor premolars while their molars, composed of a linear spiky ridge and a thick enamel coating, are adapted for chewing tough and abrasive vegetation: the mammoth requires 300 kg of grass, ferns and other branches daily.
Wooden Cigar Store Indian (1880)
A magnificent piece of Americana, this marvelous cigar store chief, possibly by master carver Samuel A. Robb, is a wonderfully preserved example of the time-honored art of American wood carving. Dressed in a red and gold tunic and wrapped in a stylized fur cloak, this figure carries the emblems of the 19th-century tobacconist's trade, cigars and a plug of tobacco, as well as other items. The figure stands upon its pedestal marked "Tobacco.
Gilded, Cast Copper Alloy Image of Maitreya 15th century, Tibet
The bodhisattva is seated in bhadrasana with his legs draped over the front of the pedestal with the feet resting on a lotus support. His hands are in the dharmachakramudra posture ('turning the Wheel of Law'). Lotus blossoms are cast to each shoulder and on these are Maitreya's attributes, the kundika vessel (see here for an example) and a chakra. He wears a dhoti engraved with flowers, and abundant jewellery including large earrings, a multi-peaked crown, anklets, garlands and bracelets.
lya Bolotowsky - Rhomb in Black & White (1975)
Signed and dated ’75
Also titled, dated and signed on the reverse.

lya Bolotowsky (1907 - 1981)
Born in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1907, Ilya Bolotowsky became a leading early 20th-century painter in abstract styles in New York City. His work, a search for philosophical order through visual expression, embraced Cubism and Geometric Abstraction and was greatly influenced by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Letter to Son
Edward Moran
Sunset, NY Harbor
David Ruben Piqtoukun
A Hunter's Memories
Apulian Red Figure
Volute Crater
George Robert Lawton
Rhode Island, 1840s
Bejeweled Dagger
Moghul, ca 1690
Alfredo Castañeda
Dimitri Perdikidis
Composition with...
Guy C. Wiggins
Morning Gloucester
Pre-Columbian Vase
Mochica, Peru
Corinthian Helmet
Greek Bronze
French Model Armour
Ca 1850, Paris
Seated Woman
Veracruz, Mexico
Till Eulenspiegel
the Peasant Trickster
Funeral Urn
Zapotec, Mexico
Frank Lloyd Wright
House for John C. Pew
Ancestors Shield
Papua, 20th C.
Frank Lloyd Wright
Lake Tahoe Fir Tree
Model of Church
of the Holy Sepulchre
Joan Miro
Letter to Ballerina
Evan Wilson
The Chinese Robe
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