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Frank Lloyd Wright
Lake Tahoe Cabin Project 1922
Fifty years after his death, Frank Lloyd Wright continues to be recognized as the greatest architect of the Twentieth Century. His seventy-two year career was punctuated with worldwide fame, hostile derision and artistic triumphs. Wright's acknowledged masterpieces outnumber the entire output of many other architects. And the complete body of his work was so vast that historians now summarize his career into three "Golden Ages."
Champion Cultivator’s Staff with Seated Female Figure, circa 1920-1930
Senufo Tribe, Ivory Coast
The female figure atop the staff may initially be assumed to depict a girl of youthful beauty--full-breasted and perhaps pregnant as a symbol of abundance and potential productivity; she may also represent a female who has given birth before. The Senufo deliberately carve female faces to be calming, which contrast with the active, striving appearance of the male and in particular, the male farmer.
Vera Cruz Standing Warrior, Remojadas
Circa 600 to 800 AD
Gulf Coast of Mexico
Impressive sized male buff clay figure with black bitumen painted details. He stands erect with arms at sides and has strong facial features, chin strap helmet and ears pools. He is also adorned with a yoke type collar with single bandolier strap across chest, and slippers on feet. Each arm bears three banded bracelets or ligatures.
Tumaco La Tolita
Equador, 200 BC - 200
Brahin Meteorite
Found 1807
Rousseau, 1st Ed..
Émile/Contract Social
Claude Monet
Fragment de Nympheas
Anne-Marie Kornachuk
Weightless: The Mad...
Abe Frajndlich
Roy Lichtenstein, NYC
Mask of Human Face
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Alfonso Iannelli
Memorial Design
Pierre Jaquet-Droz
Neuchatel Clock
Edward S. Curtis
Canyon de Chelly
Male Deble
Senufo, Ivory Coast
Antique Tabriz Rug
Persia, ca. 1880
Standing Ball Player
Jalisco, Mexico
Abe Frajndlich
Arnold Newman, NYC
'Maximilian' Armour
German, 16th C.
Botanical Models
Florence, 19th C.
Antoine Blanchard
Quai du Louvre
Daniel Rohr
The Colander Table
Henry P. Glass
Wood Lounge Chair
Ceremonial Vase
Maya, Mexico
Falcon Statuette
Wooden, New Kingdom
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