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Gerald Summers
Bent Plywood Armchair
Designed 1933, British
Gerald Summers was the most innovative British Modernist designer and in only ten years produced over a hundred furniture designs which capture the zeitgeist of the 1930's. He achieved with this Modernist masterpiece what his counterparts across Europe and Scandinavia had been striving for as it describes in the simplest terms the ideal unity of material, production, function and form.
Seated Shaman
Colima, Mexico
100 BC - 250 AD
The open and lightly bent legs are outstretched in front of him. The rectangular trunk is massive and the shoulders are broad and rounded. The arms fall along the bust and the hands are placed on the knees. The belly is girded by a wide belt, engraved with diamond-shaped dotted strips, whereas the neck is attired with a tubular necklace. The head is elongated and the facial features are delicately drawn. The half-open mouth, with fine lips in relief, seems to sketch a small, enigmatic smile.
North Italian Etched Light Cavalry Half-Armour, Circa 1570
Comprising morion of “Spanish” form, of one-piece construction, the skull drawn-up in an elegant almond shape, with narrow brim coming to up-turned sharp points front and rear, with turned roped edges, the base encircled by rivets for the lining-band and the latter retaining an early textile lining padded with flax. The skull etched with vertical bands of trophies-of-armour involving exotic birds, pairs of small Classical figures and other small decorations, and centring, over the respective sides, on a pair of Classical warriors in combat ...
Female Figure Kai
Jukun, Nigeria
Ansel Adams
Bridalveil Fall
Pierre Simon Fournier
Type Specimen, 1st Edt.
Cosmographique Clock
French Marble
Head of Caesar
White Marble
Seated Shaman
Veracruz, Mexico
Ceremonial Hacha
Veracruz, Mexico
Pairoj Karndee
Bronze, 15th C.
Mask of Human Face
Alamito, Argentina
Steel Corset
European, 16th C.
Kwa Zulu Earplugs
South Africa, ca 1950
Cylindrical Vase
Maya, Mexico
Edward S. Curtis
Dusty Dress, Kalispel
Garuda in bronze
Khmer, Cambodia
Bakshaish Rug
Persia, Late 19th C.
Edouardo Martinet
Sculpture of Mantis
Edouard Leon Cortes
Rue du Temple, Paris
Joseph McGurl
Camelback Twilight
Leo Osborne
John Denison Crocker
Hudson At Storm King
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