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Head of Vishnu, Chandela Dynasty From India 900 - 1200
Head in fine-grain, light sandstone of the god Vishnu wearing the cylindrical and conical tiara kirìtamukuta, finely worked with garlands and pearls, adorned in its centre with a jewel as decreed in the texts. The serene face gives a faint smile, the lips are fleshy, the nose straight, the eye in a fish shape adheres to the Hindu metaphoric repertoire inspired by the observation of nature.
Abe Frajndlich
Cindy Sherman
NYC 1987
If photography captures a moment, Abe Frajndlich's portraiture choreographs one. His portrait images are not so much reflections of their subjects as reflections on them: loaded but often humorous studies of subjects engaged in a kind of photographic pantomime. And perhaps because Frajndlich is so open to his subjects, they open up for him. And many of them clearly appreciate his knowledge of their work.
Carl Kauba - Bronze Sculpture of a Skeleton 1865 - 1922

Inscribed on the reverse of the hip bone C. Kauba
The figure of the skeleton, striking a pose recalling the famous scene from Hamlet, rests his right foot on a volume inscribed "Hippocrates"* in Greek letters. This takes the traditional vanitas one step further; Death reflecting upon itself.

*Hippocrates of Kos (460- 70 B.C.) is known as the 'father of western medicine.'

Martial Buddha
Sukhotai Kingdom
Ugy Sugiarto
Salabhanjika Divinity
Sandstone, India
Hopi Mask
Native American
Joseph Walsh
Olive Ash, Ireland
Beaver Totem
Tlingit, American
TM Nicholas
Gloucester Waterfront
Ziegler Rug
Persia, 19th C.
Evan Wilson
The Cerulean Sash
John Milton
Paradise Lost
John Wesley Jarvis
Portrait of Aaron...
Gustave Klimt
Autograph Quotation
Coconut Stool
Micronesia, 19th C.
Edward S. Curtis
Chief Joseph
Italian Mannerist
Florence, 17th C.
Elizabeth W. Leary
Along Fifth Avenue
Liddy N. Walker
Dogwood Tree...
Elizabeth W. Leary
White Egg on Irish...
Pottery Couple
Nayarit, West Mexico
Two-Sided Gameboard
American, 19th C.
Stucco Mask
Roman Egypt
Shaman's Mask
Aleutian, 19th C.
Richard Haley Lever
Sail Boat
Head of Devi
India, Diorite
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