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Large Huari Painted Textile Panel
Circa 700 - 900
Coast of South America
Multi-color painted full panel having an abstract anthropomorphic central figure surrounded by several mythological zoomorphs, rendered in four painted registers. Surrounded with an outer stepped geometric border. Painting exhibits a very fluid movement, a hub of activity.
A 7-1/2” area near to the lower left of the central figure and the upper left corner have been restored. A few other smaller repaired tattered areas..
Early Nias Chief Ancestor Figure
Circa 1880 - 1920
Fine hardwood northern Nias ancestor figure (Siraha Salawa), representing a long-deceased ancestor-chief. He would have been displayed inside a chief’s house as a protective effigy, atop a stand-alone post that stood in the largest room of the house. The figure is unclothed, other than for a tall peaked crown, a coconut disc kalabubu necklace and an arm bracelet. Seated and having pronounced genitalia, his raised hands hold a cup in front of his chest.
Antique Cairene Rug
Egypt, 16th Century
Woven in Egypt under imperial Ottoman Turkish rule, Cairene carpets are among the rarest and most luxurious carpets of the classical period. Although made for high-level Turkish patrons, the style of such Cairene carpets is strongly Persianized. We have aquired this piece with its gently scalloped circular central medallion with interlaced arabesque scrolls on a blue ground in a larger scalloped red-ground medallion with paired wavy forms at the far ends of the field.
Edward S. Curtis
Black Eagle - Assiniboin
1900 - 1905
A powerful portrait by internationally renowned photographer, Edward S. Curtis. Black Eagle was born in 1834 near the Missouri River in the Dakotas. He was only thirteen when he first went to war and on his fourth excursion he captured six horses. He was a fierce warrior and won many honors against various tribes on the Great Plains. Black Eagle also led war parties three times, a great honor and distinction. He was in his seventies in this portrait.
Edward S. Curtis
A Zuni Governor
Joseph Sulkowski
Foxhound Splash
Edward S. Curtis
A Hopi Man
Tika II
Howard Eberle
Chain Reaction
Sandy Graves
Art Deco Indian Rug
India, Early 20th C.
Elizabeth Strazzulla
Puer Natus in...
Egyptian Cartonnage
Ptolemaic Period
Chancay Wood Figures
Peru, ca. 800 - 1200
Emilie Lee
Gwendolyn Stine
Peace of Strength
Robert Bateman
Sparring Tigers
Anni Crouter
Leap of Faith
Rosemary Cooke
Labrador Wilf
Antique French
Aubusson Carpet
Lisa Egeli
On Salty Fields
Vintage Moroccan Rug
Mid 20th Century
Michele Byrne
Reflections of...
Barbara Parker
Charlene Jobe
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