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Edward S. Curtis
A Walpi Man
1900 - 1905
A compelling portrait of a Walpi male by internationally renowned photographer, Edward S. Curtis. This image is an iconic Curtis portrait, aesthetically in the top one tenth of one percent of all of Curtis’ work. This 16” x 12” platinum print is beautifully printed and in excellent condition. It has a very pleasing warm hue and an open, luminous tonality. Platinum prints of this image are extremely rare and highly sought after.
Jonathan Green
Gladiolus Harvest
Jonathan Green, painter and printmaker, was born and raised in the small Gullah community of Gardens Corner located near the South Carolina Sea Islands. Green's early life was greatly influenced by his grandmother who relied heavily on oral traditions to instill in him the values and traditions of his African and African-American heritage. The customs and mores internalized by Green stressed the importance of the work ethic and a commitment to community values with a respect for the dignity and integrity of others.
Large Round Funerary Urn with Head
300 - 1200
The Bura region of Niger lies to the northwest of the Nok area, just west of the Niger River. Terracotta sculptures there were first discovered in 1975 by a hunter, who noticed two figures protruding from a sandbank. His find launched an archaeological campaign by the University of Niamey, which located many more ceramic works at a site known as Asinda-Sika.
Condition: Excellent and complete, laboratory sampling tiny drill holes behind left ear and at bottom of urn.
Elizabeth Strazzulla
Sleepers Awake No 1 (after J.S. Bach)
Elizabeth’s formal schooling was received from Governor’s Academy and Wheaton College where she performed on the piano, violin, and voice as a mezzo-soprano, earned her BA in Music, and a minor in American Studies. Subsequent artistic training was received from R. Scott Jackson, Charles H. Cecil Studios, and the Florence Academy of Art under the direction of C. Daniel Graves.
Roman Intaglio
1st century AD
Relief Fragment
Limestone, Egyptian
French Dagger
Circa 1850
Betel Casket
Bird Box
Swiss Gold
Kifwebe Mask
Luba, Congo
Edward S. Curtis
Photograph, 1905
Stephen Scott Young
Dressed for School
Kachina Figure
Navajo, N. American
Beryl (aquamarine)
Schorl & Feldspar
Guido Reni (studio)
Mary Magdalene
Ken Auster
Fight Club
Valerie Craig
Golden Meadow
John McCaw
Milt Kobayashi
The Last Cup
Glass Chandelier
Russian, ca 1840
Doug Brega
Lighthouse Hill
Pairoj Karndee
Avenging Angel...
Dan Gerhartz
Sunlight on White
Jill Soukup
Shifting Gears
Laura Robb
Arrangement in Blues...
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