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In this Antique Rugs and Textile Arts collection, dealers offer a significant collection of Middle Eastern textiles including a Shirvan prayer rug alongside a Pre-Columbian feathered ponchito of the Nasca People. On offer are an array of fine textiles, ranging in eras and cultures. We have a significant collection of Native American textiles, including a classic Moki Navajo blanket and a Navajo transitional blanket. Browse a Persian carpet, a fine Peking Chinese Carpet, or tribal rugs from the Caucasus. This is the premier place to look for vintage rugs mixed with more modern versions of traditional ancestral weaving techniques. You will be in awe of the scale and fine workmanship of the carpets, blankets, and tapestries for sale here. These, and more, come together to form an impressive selection of important textiles from around the world.

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Antique Rugs

Collectors may find an Aubergine hand woven silk lowan alongside a representative embroidered jacket of the Kauer people. A collection of Pre-Columbian textiles are also on display that include an Inca Textile as well as a feathered ponchito of the Nazca People. These come together in an impressive selection of textiles including an antique rug and Persian carpet. The textiles seen here were also hand dyed using dye that was made by the weaver and derived from organize material such as stones and various powered pigment. The luster and brilliance of the color has maintained for generations, whether 80 years or 200 years, each piece is still has expressive as it was the day of creation. There is no mistaking that the textiles in this category were built to last.

The Textile Art of Cultures

Another important aspect of the textile art of cultures is how they vary and mirror each other across geographical region. While there are more detailed, spellbinding patterns in Asian textiles than in the Americas, the size of the rugs are sometimes quite similar. And though European culture is quite different, the patterns within their carpets are just a complex as a Chinese rug. Seeing the differences and influences between the countries and time periods create a silent dialogue played out upon the surface of these exquisite and finely woven materials. Add a part of this artistic genius to your collection by viewing and choosing a work from one of the following textile offerings.

Native American Textiles

On offer in this category are some of the finest examples of Native American Textile work. Choose from a wide array of Navajo blankets covering a multitude of designs and colors. In addition you will find traditional Blackfeet clothing and Lakota parfleches. There are also several native weavings and textile decorative paintings made from bright patterns and strategically woven wool. This is an exciting selection to choose from as the offerings are substantive, beautiful, culturally significant, and historically rich.

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Some of the pictures and weavings in this category are sand paintings from Navajos circa 1930 that measure about four feet across on all sides. The pictures made by applying colorful sand and powder onto a flat surface such as a large, firm textile. Some depict dancers and ceremonial arrangements. A few of the weavings are from 1880 Navajo tribes in Arizona, that are beautifully woven with intricate designs and brightly colored on front and back with little to no damage.

Central Asian / Middle Eastern

For sale are a fine array of Central Asian & Middle Eastern textiles. Runners and carpets steal the show in this assortment of complex and formal textile works. View a rare embroidered Sufi Cloak as well as a Kerman Persian Rug. In addition, find an embroidered Linen Panel and a Kuba Carpet. Both Asian and European influences are evident in these items which were once used in the homes of upper-class landowners in the 19th century.

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Carpets and rugs in this section were once used in Persia, North India, and others. Some carpets are made completely in cotton with asymmetrical stitching and serrated edging while other carpets are completely square on the ends. Many of the carpets have elements of nature or symbols depicted within the fibers, such as flowers or other neutral imagery, while others remain orderly but abstract.

European Decorative Arts

Dealers offer a great selection of carpets and rugs in the European selection that bring a whole new meaning to textile masterpiece. In the collection, you will see fine European textiles, including woolworks, tapestries and embroidery. Find an Admiral Lord Nelson Commemorative Silkwork and a 19th Century Sailor-made Woolwork. These are joined by a 17th century tapestry panel that is in excellent condition. We offer the most elite gathering of European textiles on the market today, and continually bring our members the best offerings from all over the globe to enhance and expand your personal collection.

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Included in this selection is a 16th century gothic carpet from Brussels featuring the depiction of angels in all four corners and several repeated patterns of a flower bouquet. The golden color of the carpet would make it an excellent accent to an area filled with lavish woodwork. At eight and a half feet by six feet, this is a moderate size carpet that could easily fit into a variety of spaces of hang comfortably on display for guests’ enjoyment.

Folk Art Textiles

In this collection, dealers offer important textile folk art works. Find a commemorative Chinese silkwork of the U.S. flag, an Abstract Folk Art hooked rug and a collection of sailor woolworks. These are joined by an Admiral Lord Nelson commemorative silkwork to provide a fine display of folk art textiles crafted from the finest materials. Many are framed and therefore already preserved and ready to hang and display. Much of the folk art depicts nautical life and ships at sea.

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The silk and wool work in this category were made in the late 19th century and are protected behind UV glass to prevent fading of the colors within the piece. The charming picture shows a British Man of War, and a collection of ships sailing to market in England. Framed in wooden period frames, each wool work has a marine feel to its presentation, bringing the subject matter to life and a delightful find for any textile collector who enjoys the high seas.

Pre-Columbian Textiles

Inside, find rare, ancient textiles from the pre-Columbian era. See a feathered ponchito alongside an optical stepped cushma, both from the Nazca culture. View a beautiful Huari Painted Textile Panel as well as an intricate figurative fringed mantle. The pre-Columbian textiles originate from Latin America and span useful works of art as well as decorative works that are meant for display and discussion purposes. All of them feature colorful patterns and dyes, reminiscent of the indigenous and folk works completed by natives in North America.

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We offer a selective range of textile works including a pair of ponchitos made from very different material: one is a rather large (51 x 49 inches) Ecuadorian piece and constructed from dyed wool, the other is only 8 x 10 inches and made in Latin America solely from feathers. The large disparity between materials shows the range of artistry within the pre-Columbian community and their versatility in constructing textiles.

This section also includes more practical works of art, like a chancay loin cloth from 800-1200 BC Latin America. The cloth is a beautiful slit weave gold colored panel woven with profile birds within triangular border with red fringe all around. The final piece is professionally mounted on brown backing. A Peruvian apron from the first century is a creative departure from the strict grid-based designs of many early weavings, made by an innovative artist looking to subvert traditional line motifs. The innovation within the artistic community at this time is absolutely awe-inspiring.

Asian Textiles

We have on offer a fine selection of Asian textiles including an embroidered jacket of the Kauer people, a Batik headcloth and and Aubergine Hand Woven Silk Lowan. These are joined by a red silk shoulder cloth and a pair of Kain Lowans that communicate the dress and style of the Asian people during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Asian textiles cover resilient clothing, carpets and even pillows, to show that the community was willing to invest time and creativity into their homes and dress, especially those who could afford to do so.

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Some embroidered jackets were made and crafted in Indonesia, where the short jackets on display here were worn by young unmarried women with a sarong and cowrie shells on their necks. In Thailand, men’s jackets by the Hmong people of the 20th century were made of black cotton with machine-made lining and bright-colored embroidery on the sleeves to give it color and excitement. There are also men’s head cloths for sale from the late 19th century, and a silk Indonesian women’s shawl, whose pattern is likened to a Mark Rothko painting.

Other Textiles

Inside, you will find a collection of textiles from a wide range of areas. View a classic Mexican Saltillo Sarape alongside a Ceremonial Huipil from Guatemala. Also find a 18th Century Sarkoy Thracian Kilim which is joined by a ceremonial Nañaka of the Aymara people.

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