Fossils for Sale, Dinosaur Bones and Rocks and Minerals for Sale

Purchase a variety of fine fossils, crystals and gemstones, globes, and natural history items from some of the best science art dealers. We offer dinosaur bones, anatomical models, natural history prints, and nautical instruments, such as telescopes, sundials, barometers, and other antique scientific instruments. In addition to the fossilized dinosaur skull, we have important documents pertaining to the history of science and nature are available for purchase as well, such as an Octavo Edition of Audubon's Birds of America and Watson and Crick’s groundbreaking paper on the structure of DNA. Buy crystals and gemstones, such as fluorite, semi-precious stones and other unique rocks and minerals for sale. Here, you will find a wide assortment of natural history and art that excites both the mind and senses. Experience the beauty of science and the natural world, and bring a part of it to your own collection.

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Dinosaur Fossils for Sale, Rocks and Minerals for Sale

While we generally think of precious stones and natural metals as something used for building or fine jewels, they are just as valuable in their natural state, derived from the very rock, creek, mountain or cave in which they were made. In this section, you can view some of the finest, rarest, and largest minerals, stones and gems known to man, and the art created around them, whether carvings or sculptures that incorporate these beautiful pieces. You can also inquire about our genuine fossilized plants or dinosaur fossils for sale, from several thousands of years ago. Expand your scientific collection to include fossils and proof of the Earth’s many wonders and capabilities.

Antique Scientific Instruments and Nautical Instruments

Scientific art is interesting because of the many tools and instruments used to study it, which is an art form in itself. If you are passionate about maps, globes an instruments used to study the planet and its natural occurrences, look closely at these parts of the category - they provide a world of information about the fossils, stones and minerals sold in this category and where they come from. They also give a glimpse into work with which many of us are unfamiliar, but by which we are fascinated. Channel your inner archaeologist as you dive into the many tools that make the discovery and excavation of these materials possible.

Fossils for Sale

The fossil dealers within this collection will bring you the most beautiful selection of dinosaur bones all in one location. See a 50 Million Year old Fossil Turtle alongside a massive Prognathodon Mosasaur fossil. These are joined by a Pteranodon specimen to create a fine example of the early inhabitants of Earth. Fossils aren’t just for museums: come see how collecting a piece of our planet’s ancient, natural history can enhance your artifact collection. With both mammals, plants and sea creatures preserved in this section, you won’t be able to choose just one.

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There are very rare and exotic plant fossils among the many specimens in this category. Look at palm frond from 50000000 BC and palm flowers found in present-day Wyoming, some of the most preserved that exist. They are displayed on their original stone slabs, some measuring a few feet in width or length. There are more extremely rare flowers and leaves, preserved in their surrounding rock for over 50 million years. You can see more natural history with the wood specimen and crystals found in Europe that includes wood and quartz growing together.

Rocks and Minerals for Sale

The collection of minerals at Curator’s Eye is quite expansive and inclusive of many different colors, shapes and sizes of minerals. Inside this marvelous collection, our dealers offer some of the best crystals and minerals that Mother Nature has ever created. View a miraculous Brazilian aquamarine crystal as well as an extremely rare Malachite crystal on shattuckite. If you are interested in more traditional minerals like quartz or opal, you will see them as well growing in their natural environment, untouched and unaltered. There are endless possibilities for finding the right gem in this category.

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Some of the stones and minerals displayed here are attached to a portion of the rock in which they were growing, for example, Amethyst and smoky Quartz growing from prehnite that was found in the mountains of Namibia. There is another Amethyst/Quartz combination, this time attached to calcite. Specimens have been found everywhere from Uruguay to China and include a detailed message of where they were found and the rarity of their makeup and condition. For a mineral that is still planted in the context of its origin, shop a gem that was cut with its parent rock still adjoined and share the beauty with other collectors and admirers.

Natural History, Fossil and Mineral Art

In this category, our dealers offer a unique collection of modern & contemporary artworks created from fossil and mineral specimens. See fossils displayed in beautiful murals alongside a poignant sculpture made from a meteorite titled "Deep Impact”, or a table made from a fossil stone. The brilliance of this category is how the artist was able to reimagine the most natural of sources and transform it into artwork without losing the authenticity and natural beauty of the materials. If you like more traditional art and functional pieces with a touch of science, this is the collection for you.

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Sculpture is a big aspect of mineral art, as it combines natural materials with traditional sculpture and man-made stands. Browse several minerals that are artfully combined with more conventional work, such as a pyrite from Ohio placed inside a sculpted hand, or a rounded aragonite pipe mounted onto a stand. There are also cased insects framed and ready to hang. Choose from organic sculptures like a fossil fish sculpture made from real fossils or a sea urchin sculpture encased in glass.

Other Types

For the scientific materials that don’t fit into a specific category, try this collection, you will find anatomical models, important natural history prints, and broad range of clocks, from 18th century mantle clocks through 20th century tall case clocks. Teeth, specimen and historic papers make this the cornerstone of scientific art, with multiple variations of artifacts to choose from and exciting stories behind each natural item. Discover new stones and artwork here from the world’s top mineral and fossil dealers.

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Rare solo minerals and gemstones are offered in this category, including multiple slices of meteorite, some featuring minerals attached. There are also historic documents in this section like an article from 1953 detailing the discovery of the structure of DNA and a series of illustrations by William Swainson. His “Zoological Illustrations” were published in England in the early 19th century and descripted rare, new and interesting animals. A brass lantern from 1902 and a hand skeleton model is also available in this collection.

Antique Scientific Instruments

One of the technical and very integral parts of science are the tools by which scientists and archaeologists are able to measure, study and gather information from the natural world. In this collection, dealers sell scientific instruments such as telescopes, sundials, and barometers. You may find a rare complete Civil War field surgeon’s kit, or perhaps a Carved Mahogany Gimbaled Ships Barometer. There are also octants, clocks and spyglasses for sale in what is one of the most engaging sections of the entire scientific collection.

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Mapping out a course and having direction is very important when on scientific missions, and this is evident in the amount of object offered here that are geared toward to this specific goal. Spyglasses are listed that were used in the mid-1800s by mariners traveling across the sea. Telescopes are also for sale in mint condition with mahogany finish and brass fittings. There are also a variety of surveyor’s compasses made of metal and brass that have been preserved and are in lovely shape.

Globes and Maps

On offer in this collection are a wide array of antique globes and maps, including the earliest printed map to show ocean currents as well as a pair of 21-Inch Celestial & Terrestrial Globes by the John Newton & Sons. There are both printed maps and globes from several different centuries that demonstrate the progression of mapmaking and changes in the geographic landscape over time. Many scientific leaders used these very maps to chart voyages and expeditions around the world, or trace findings that they were studying. You can own a part of this history and discovery by purchasing an antiques globe or map from one of our many dealers.

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There is an assortment of globes in this section, some are small pocket globes from the 1700s with color-coded continents and geographic regions, and others are larger tabletop globes with accompanying stands, such as a Dutch terrestrial globe that gives detailed images of land masses and bodies of water. There are also many smaller terrestrial globes with protective cases, and mid-sized globes with stands. Some of the globes were created by European cartographers, and served as the beginnings of important milestones in geography and cartography.

Books, Documents and Journals

Important documents pertaining to the history of science and nature are available for purchase, such as an octavo edition of Audubon’s Birds of America, Watson and Crick’s groundbreaking paper on the structure of DNA and Albert Einstein’s initial paper on relativity.

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View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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