Pre Columbian Art, Mayan artifacts, Mexican Pottery, Inca Art, Aztec Gold

Pre Columbian art and artifacts, from many eras and regions across current-day Latin America are shown here. These range from Pre Columbian pottery, Mayan artifacts to centuries old Inca pottery and textiles. Here you can find an exceptional Alamito Mask, a Paracas mantle, Mexican pottery, a Colombian Quimbaya shaman figure in gold, and Aztec gold jewelry. A Chontal human mask, and a black hardstone carving of an Olmec shaman are among the truly exceptional Aztec artifacts and Pre Columbian art for sale, from cultures established before the Western discovery of the Americas.

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Pre Columbian Art and Artifacts

In the Pre Columbian Art category, dealers sell artifacts from many eras and regions across Latin America. Collectors can browse exceptional Mayan artifacts, Mexican pottery, Aztec artifacts, along with Pre Columbian pottery.

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