Native American Textiles: Navajo Blankets, Serapes, Native American Clothing

Find in this collection a wide array of Native American Textiles. Browse examples of Navajo weaving, like a Finely Woven Germantown Four Panel Navajo Blanket or a Shiprock Yei Navajo Textile. Purchase examples Native American clothing, like a 19th Century Young Girl’s Dress from the Northern Plains, or a 19th Century Late Classic Chief’s Blanket. Find saddle blankets, Navajo rugs, and serapes for sale. Together, these form an important collection of Native American textiles.

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All Textile Arts

In addition to our Native American textiles, serapes, and Navajo blankets, collectors can also browse a wide variety of other textiles, including Pre-Columbian, woolworks, Persian rugs and European tapestries.

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View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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