Native American Art and Artifacts: Kachina, Olla, Parfleche, Beadwork

In this category, our member dealers offer a wide variety of unique, historic Native American artifacts, including carvings, beadwork, and weavings. View a broad range of Native American art, including an Inuit dancing bear, carved figures from the Haida tribe, a Moki Navajo blanket, and a Cheyenne pipe bag showcasing intricate Native American beadwork. Also available are a Tlingit model totem pole, an inlaid Thunderbird bolo tie, parfleche bags, kachina dolls, and other Native American crafts that reflect the history of native cultures and Native American art.

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Full Ethnographic Art Inventory

We invite collectors of Native American art to browse our complete collection of Ethnographic and Tribal arts.

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Native American Art

A wide range of Native American artifacts, including carvings, olla jars, kachina dolls, and weavings are here on offer.

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All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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