Antique Jewelry: Ancient Roman Rings, Silver and Vertu

In the Jewelry category of The Curator's Eye, our member dealers offer stunning pieces of unique antique jewelry from all eras. These range from jade Art Deco earrings to ancient Roman rings. Here you can find portrait miniature pins, 18th century jewelry like gold signet rings, and one-of-a-kind estate jewelry. Ancient Roman coins, and Roman intaglio rings are available for your browsing pleasure, as are rings with carved coats of arms and jeweled pendants. Many of these pieces are among the truly exceptional items of delicate, rare and exquisite beauty from cultures spanning the globe and eras throughout time. You won’t want to pass up on this collection of fine vintage jewelry for sale.

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Ancient and Vintage Jewelry for Sale

Our jewelry is mainly divided into three categories: ancient, from the first few centuries and ancient civilizations; ethnographic and Asian, originating from the Asian continent and many ethnic and tribal communities throughout the world; and silver and vertu, which encompasses several different pieces made from the finest silver and presented by only the best and most careful dealers in the market today.

Estate Jewelry

Collectors will be able to point out the fine quality and exceptional attention to detail taken in the curation, presentation and preservation of these elite jewels that are both fashionable and historical in nature. With bracelets and rings dating back to 400 AD, you will be amazed by the longevity and vibrancy of many of these pieces. The jewelry in our collection represents many communities of people throughout the world as well as many social and economic classes, with much of the works listed here serving nobility, leaders and the wealthy, while others were made and worn by figures in the lower-class working folk communities of ethnic nations.

Ancient Jewelry

In the Ancient Jewelry category, our dealers offer pieces from a range of eras and civilizations. View gold Roman rings, Egyptian pendants along with ancient Pre-Columbian Beadwork. Much of the work here dates back to the fourth and fifth centuries, with some rings and fine jewels crafted in just 400 or 800 AD. European gemstones are common here, primarily from Roman and Greek communities, although there are other nations and communities represented in these works.

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Rings are the main attraction in this collection of ancient jewelry, with gold rings hailing from European tradesmen who paired the precious metal with garnet, black enamel and rubies, among other things. Some are inlayed with braided or open banding and some even have inscriptions, such as “Corn Launder ob. 11 May 1726 aet 35.” on the inside of an 18th century gold ring. You may find Renaissance rings here as well, with a mixture of ruby, gold and enamels that have kept more of their true color over that period of time.

Modern and Estate Jewelry

In the Modern and Estate jewelry category, our dealers offer a wide variety of pieces. Inside, you will find Art deco rings, Egyptian revival style pieces and modern diamond bracelets by Oscar Heyman.

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Ethnographic and Asian Jewelry

This collection gives you the opportunity to view important ethnographic and Asian jewelry from around the world. Inside, find rare African Ivory bracelets, Eskimo made earrings and coral and silver anklets from Algeria. Natural materials used in other ethnographic art combine here with precious stones and gems to create vibrant, wealthy jewelry pieces. Dealers have selected and chosen these as some of the rarest and finest examples of jewelry from ethnic and native cultures.

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Emeralds, jade and rubies are just some of the gemstones that contribute to a beautiful earring set, bracelet, or necklace in our collection. You may choose from several elaborate necklaces that feature extraordinary beading, gold studded chains with rubies and emeralds from the 1700s or an Indian bird necklaces made from silver and stones that feature small birds along the length of the chain. Most of the pieces are luminous gold while others have brightly colored beading in blues and greens.

Silver and Vertu

For sale in this collection are masterful works of silver as well as exemplary objects of vertu. Available within this gathering of fine jewelry are a Tiffany & Co. pitcher, Baccarat crystal cases, and fine silver spice boxes. You will have an opportunity to purchase dinnerware, tobacco boxes, tankards and brooches in this category that are made from the purest and finest silver. Our dealers screen each piece individually so collectors can shop in confidence about the authenticity of each piece.

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Part of the dinnerware in this section is an American silver spoon made for Charity Johnson, wife of Dr. Samuel Johnson, first President of King's College (Columbia University) circa 1750. Needless to say, this spoon is quite historical and a wonderful conversational piece. There is also a stunning silver teapot by the colonial Calcutta silversmiths Hamilton and Co. from 1820. These are just examples of the many significant pieces you can find that fits the dinnerware description of silver jewelry.

All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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