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In the Folk Art category, dealers offer a variety of vintage Americana and folk art for sale including antique weathrvanes. Folk art particularly covers the work of skilled laborers, tradesmen and indigenous people. Items important to the colonial arts, such as colonial maps and scrimshaw can be found among paintings, sculpture and decorative arts that define American style. Also available are ship models, a Nantucket basket, and weathervanes for sale, that reflect the history of American folk art. Additionally, a selection of presidential memorabilia including bronze profiles and life masks, autograph albums, and signed orders round out this story-driven collection.

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Vintage Americana

You will discover many new people and ideas you’ve never seen before while browsing the dealer offering under the Folk Art banner. Furniture is a huge component in this category, featuring the work of skilled woodworkers and artisans. Furniture is both decorative and useful for its time, whether a desk or tall china cabinet. Prints and drawings were also popular during this time as a way to communicate plans for cities and depict the ever-changing world around them. Fine art was not a mystery to these laborers who painted and sculpted their environment and visions for the future out of native materials that have survived until today.

Weathervanes for Sale

There is also folk art in this collection specific to the native and working-class citizens of the western United Stated, all of which reflect the necessities of their life like textiles rugs, blankets and ceremonial body wear. Nautical and coastal art showcases the rich marine life of this country through scrimshaw, models, maps and more. Finally, there is a strong collection of everyday valuables that would be a prized item to display for any folk enthusiast, such as pipes, globes and snuff boxes. Each tell us a little more about life in folk communities during the 18th century.

Weathervanes and Other Folk Art

Dealers sell a wide range of their finest folk art and Americana items in this collection that don’t specifically fit the description of our larger sub-categories. View objects that include a painted dartboard and glass bottle from 1732. These join with antique ship models, snuff boxes, scrimshaw, maps, globes, and even violins to form a rare and desirable selection of collectible Americana art pieces. While many folk items in the collection are centered on one idea (furniture, nautical, sculpture, West, fine art, etc.), the objects in this section are give specific insight into the details of American life.

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Small accessories and personal memorabilia are at the heart of this miscellaneous assortment of key folk art. Purchase a George Washington inaugural button, files from the JFK assassination trial, or Muhammad Ali’s Rumble in the Jungle walking stick, used in the epic 1974 heavyweight title bout. There are also ship models made of bone and wood, and English half hull model, and powder horn. Carvings are not limited to sea-life however: carvings of a bow priest with baby and whales teeth are also part of this collection and ready for purchase.

Folk Art Paintings & Prints

There are many beautiful paintings and prints from the 18th-20th centuries representing folk life in America. Dealers offer their finest Americana paintings & prints depicting a variety of subjects, right here at Curator’s Eye. See portraits and figurative paintings, marine works, watercolors, and still lifes. From watercolors to outstanding portraits we present important folk art for collectors of all tastes that range in sizes and value. While fine painting is a large market, this selection showcases subject matter and art practitioners that are sometimes overlooked in most mainstream markets.

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Some of the artwork in this collection pays homage to great American landmarks as they existed some 100+ years ago, such as the US Capitol building. We have prints available that detail the design for the reconstruction of the building, and prints showing major renovations to it, including the addition of the dome that now signifies the well-known landmark. The prints are dated back to the 1800s and some were completed in London. There is also a watercolor painting for sale of Hamburg, PA at the base of a mountain range circa 1840 and a pair of framed masterpiece portraits of Zedekiah Belknap and his family.

Decorative Arts and Furniture

The finest folk art and American furniture and decorative arts can be found in this collection of high quality, sturdy items. Our dealers offer paint-decorated boxes, carved classical Mahogany sofas, charming trade signs, and many other unique and beautiful pieces including a long case clock, and a folky inlaid spice cabinet. There are antique painted chairs, sofas and hourglasses for sale. The furniture in this time period is made of solid wood, whether oak, maple, or other and features a dark mahogany finish.

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Tables and chairs are a major centerpiece in this collection of decorative art and furniture. Tables vary in style and size: classical wood table with rollers, maple and mahogany two-drawer workstations, red-painted hutch tables, candle stands, and an immaculate games table with eagles carved into the legs. Chests and carved boxes of different sizes are also on display, some with casters and others without it. In addition to tables are beautiful sets of period chairs painted or stained, either alone or in sets.

Folk Sculpture

The Sculpture category of folk art features a wide range of three-dimensional, folk art and Americana works from leading dealers around the world. A wooden cigar store Indian joins with a Lincoln life mask cast by Volk, in addition to a terracotta bust of John Paul Jones and a carved marble relief of General George Washington. You will find a little bit of everything in this assortment of figures that represent the best of American culture and pride, from well-known figures and Presidents to depictions of daily community members throughout the nation.

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These clay, stone and wood depictions of people and animals bring a realistic and vibrant look into life in folk America throughout three-four centuries. There are several figures that show native and indigenous American, such as a Navajo woman with sheep or a Native American chief cigar box, possibly carved by wooden master Samuel Robb. There are also figures of horses made from iron in the late 1800s with an accompanying watercolor map. These rare items of Americana stand alone in significance and cultural value.

Nautical, Marine and Coastal Art

Our thorough selection of nautical, marine and coastal items will have you reliving the biggest and quietest moment of life at sea through the eyes of those who knew it best. Here, chronometers join with models and telescopes to make up a comprehensive offering of collectible objects relating to the high seas. Purchase nautical art by iconic artists such as James Buttersworth and Montague Dawson as well as other rare works. There is no lacking in this collection of teeth, models, globes, books and furniture. Just when you think you’ve seen all there is from antique sea life, there’s more. Walk through the items displayed here and see why nautical and marine collecting is so vastly popular.

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A big portion of the nautical and marine category is the great selection of authentic whale teeth retrieved during 19th century voyages. One set features drawings of Napolean and Josephine, while others are left blank to showcase their grandeur and ivory brilliance. There is even a set of complete antique large walrus teeth in mint condition. If animals are not your cup of tea, take a look at our numerous model ships on display that depict in extensive detail vessels from as far back as the 1700s. You can also browse a selection of captain’s instruments and mariner’s clocks, all in excellent condition and ready for immediate display.

Western Americana

In this category, dealers offer a variety of important examples of Western American art including fine western paintings, early western photographs, and Native American crafts.In this category, dealers offer a variety of important examples of American art from the West including paintings, photographs and Native American crafts. View early western photographs and Indian Artifacts. Find important pieces of Native American Art, including Zuni pottery and Navajo textiles. Fine western paintings, both traditional and contemporary, including Charles M. Russel and Frederic Remington join with Victor Higgins to capture the essence of the American west through the eyes of folk artists and crafters. While many of the stories we hear about the West are pieced together or fabled, the pieces in this large collection are every bit as real as the people who made them, and great finds for the Western enthusiast.

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Textiles run the show in Western folk art, and it’s easy to understand why. While settling the expansive landscape, rugs, blankets and others textiles were important. There were also many Indian tribes in the West, and their creations are immortalized here in this collection. Many are available in incredible condition and feature the classic styles of Native American weaving. Many are made of wool, dated to the late 19th century, sometimes featuring one consistent pattern or a quadrant of four. There are also Native bags and handmade dolls featuring original clothing and blankets. Pipe bags and pictorials were also made from fabrics and boldly dyed colors.

All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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