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In this online art gallery, dealers offer fine art for sale including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. Find landscape paintings, masterful figure sketches, detailed architectural paintings, and abstract multiples, among many other works of fine art. A still life painting join 17th century Old Master oil paintings and contemporary watercolors to present a broad spectrum of fine contemporary art for sale. Purchase fine art, like nautical works by adept artists of their time, from all around the world; and find rare artwork including pieces by the French Impressionists, American painters, folk artists and painters of the American West.

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Buy art now from an art dealer, instead of waiting for an art auction. Explore all of the offerings at once, or look specifically by subcategory and region such as America and Europe, time period as in modern and contemporary, type (prints) or genre, sculpture versus wall art. Collectors can take home some of the finest and leading works of both modern and antique art in almost any media or genre that fits their taste. Fine art is a wonderful addition to décor, art collections and investment, and the dealers we work with have brought one of the most exclusive gatherings of high-profile and rare artwork in one location.

Online Art Gallery

Shop the best artwork in the work at any time and place with the convenience and precision of our works listed here on The Curator’s Eye. We bring together still lifes, abstract, drawing and prints, framed paintings by the masters and sculpture from renowned artists that will enhance any art collection in the world and provide many talking points within the context of global art and art history in general. You won’t want to miss the many items that will circulate through this venue over time, discover the beauty that fine art from different time periods and styles can do to your collection.

American Art

See portraits and figurative oil paintings, watercolors, still lifes, and abstract works by American artists. From contemporary American realism to John James Audubon prints, we present a wide array of fine American Art. Represented here are portraits, scenes, landscapes and some non-representational work. While some of the artwork dates back to 19th century oil paintings, many were completed in the 20th century and some even depict iconic American personalities.

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Portraits in the American art section include masterpieces like the pair of paintings completed for Zedekiah Belknap and his family in the early 1800s and Douglas Stewart’s 2014 painting “Mao.” There is even a large contemporary portrait of Marilyn Monroe painted in oil on canvas. There are also paintings that portray people in action rather than posed portraiture, like Norman Rockwell’s Barbershop Quartet or Stewart’s Summer Fun.

European Art

This is quite easily one of the most anticipated sections of the fine art category, and our dealers rise to the occasion by offering fine examples of European artists, where the abstract work of Pablo Picasso can be found alongside the impressionist works of Claude Monet. From the Medieval period through the 21st century, inside you will find an impressive collection of fine European Art created by some of the most beloved painting masters to have ever lived.

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Most of the works from Europe are rich, realistic paintings that feature posed bodies in a classical setting and very detailed depictions of their surroundings. Collectors will find The Alchemist from 1600, a remarkable and complex work by famed Flemish artist Pieter Brueghel the Younger. There is a gorgeous painting of the Madonna with child, and a stunning French painting of two women washing clothes by the river, sweeping brushstrokes giving movement and life to the otherwise mundane activity. There are even hand-colored engravings to choose from.

Nautical, Marine and Coastal Art

Here chronometers join with models and telescopes to make up a comprehensive offering of collectible objects relating to the high seas. Purchase nautical art by iconic artists such as James Buttersworth and Montague Dawson as well as other rare works.

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Prints and Multiples

The Prints and Multiples category features a wide range of engravings, etchings and lithographs. Our offerings include Audubon prints, Chagall’s Illustrations for the Bible, and a Redoute color stipple depiction of the Bird of Paradise flower, as well as classic American and contemporary abstract works. Items in this category may represent work that was completed by European, American, Asian or other artists, and could be hand-colored or simply ink printed.

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We carry a selective assortment of prints, for example we have a Canadian Inuit print from 1961 titled People of the Sea—spectacular image that remains the only print created by Mary Igiu (1925-1968). It was issued in an edition of 50 (this is impression number 22) as part of the third Cape Dorset Print Collection. This haunting image, with the profile of the sedna (sea spirit) breaking the frame of the composition, speaks of great creativity and passion.

Dealers bring you all of the finest piece they have access to, like this single panel wall hanging created in 1805 Dufour, printed in color from woodblocks with the coloring finished by hand. This is one example of the pieces we carry, which is in fine condition, mounted on silk, framed and often seen and one of the few and most glorious depiction of the Pacific ever seen. Collectors will have an opportunity to purchase these works from reputable sellers and appreciate the lasting joys of fine art prints.

Modern and Contemporary

Our member dealers offer their finest modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture in this collection. See finely sculpted bronze pieces, masterful figure sketches, detailed architectural paintings, and abstract multiples, among many other beautiful works of art. While many of the artwork you see is historical and of great antiquity, these pieces are exciting because they were created well within the last one hundred years, by artists who are largely still living.

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There is a plethora of wall art in this section, from signed posters of Picasso’s paintings as well as some of his personal paintings, to 1924 watercolor landscapes by Henri Lebasque. There are paintings from many international artists like Vu Thu Hein, Henry Jackson, and Izzat Klychev, of Russia. Photography, such as photos of Georgia O’Keefe in her studio and Jim Morrison being arrested onstage at New Haven whilst in concert, are some examples of the extremely important and simple moments available here.


The Sculpture category features a wide range of three-dimensional works from leading dealers around the world. Our offerings include a bronze sculpture of a human skeleton by Carl Kauba, a life mask of Abraham Lincoln by Volk, in addition to a marble bust by Waldo Story and a bronze of Theodore Roosevelt. The majority of busts and studies completed and showcased here are made of bronze or marble and have been well preserved with almost no sign of wear or age, making them a strong assortment of figures that are second to none on the market today.

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Some of the sculptures we carry go as far back as 1670 Italian marble busts of Roman emperors, and some figures, like Jud Hartmann’s bronze studies of Native Americans, were completed as recently as 2015. The human form is a clear favorite topic of production and expression for these artists as almost all of our piece depict a human in some action or a formal pose slightly turned from the sculptor.

Our selective and high-profile arrangement of fine sculpture includes items such as a pair of fine ivory plaques attributed to Norbert Schrodl. It is almost certainly depicts William Alexander Archibald Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton and 8th Duke of Brandon and Marie Amelie Elizabeth Caroline of Baden. The plaques are framed and ready to hang or be stored in a conservative setting that will prevent wear and damage or time. For the premier selection of fine art sculpture that encompasses several communities and time periods, browse our latest offerings.

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