Antique Furniture and Decorative Arts

The antique furniture and decorative arts sold here by dealers display the beauty created across cultures in the form of furniture, lamps, silver and more. Buyers will be delighted in how the stately grandeur of Victorian antiques and German antiques join with the minimalism of contemporary design and nonrepresentational fine art. Our dealers provide the finest quality antiques for sale, including a gold box, Italian pietre dure tables, chinoiserie, and Russian antiques, making this display of decorative art and furniture a combination of luxury and expertise. We market rare and exclusive artworks, which are available for immediate purchase by direct inquiry to dealers who sell exceptional and antique art, collectibles, and invaluable objects of museum quality and distinction.

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Antiques for Sale

There are many intriguing categories by which to browse this distinctive selection including: glass and ceramics, rugs and carpet, clocks, furniture, decorative arts, mirrors, models, silver and metalwork and architectural art and gardens. Each of these subcategories provide an array of decorative offerings from antiquity to contemporary design and fine art. Collectors can shop almost any kind of decorative art including sculpture, works by Picasso, Persian rugs, Navajo blankets, Baroque style mirrors, an Art Deco lamp made in the LC Tiffany style, Chippendale furniture and pure silver dinnerware. Choose from an assortment of rare and significant decorative pieces, some that were once used in the wealthiest households of Asian and European homes.

Antique Furniture

For some of the most valuable decorative arts and furniture, look through our selection of rugs, 18th century clocks, and timeless accessories from all over the world. We are pleased to offer furnishings and pieces that were made from the best materials, and will last generations to come. Collectors will be excited to see the extensive offerings listed here that showcase the formal and artistic creations in decorative arts over the years, with something for everyone, whether a personal collection or an addition to your personal space, this is the place to find a premier and elite decorative item.

Glass and Ceramics

This category on The Curator’s Eye features a wide range of plates, pitchers, vases, and jars from leading dealers around the world. Our offerings include profile works by Picasso, 17th Century Chinese Imari jars, and a Dresden porcelain table. Buyers will find some of the most luxurious ceramic pieces in this collection to offset any collection of glass or earthenware. Discover some of the finest ceramic artists and glass pieces while browsing our many jugs, vessels and vases.

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The majority of work in this section was created with dining and cooking in mind, from plates saucers, to pitchers and glasses, these functional works or art were once used in homes for formal events and dining. Collectors can choose from a collection of mid-Qing, Qianlong period, chicken fat yellow Peking glass vessels, circa 1750, or a rare 18th century Chinese export armorial jug in mint condition from 20 years earlier, enameled on one side with the Arms of the PROCTOR family and their crest.


The decorative arts and furniture brought together on The Curator's Eye display the timeless qualities of beauty and aestheticism found and formed across cultures. While there are many recurring themes and categories that make organizing this collection fairly easy, there are still more items that don’t quite fit into one specific category, thus this section shows off the amazing assortment of precious ceramics and glassware available for purchase.

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There are many antique treasures listed in this section, including pianos, pillows, carpet and jeweled silver ship models. No piece is too random for this collection of fine works that merge artistry, functionality and décor to create one of the most eclectic and elite collections on the market. Some of the more engaging pieces here include a mandolin singing bird music box from 1875 Europe and an elaborate Battle of Issus chess set from 20th century North America. Every 14k gold game piece is different, encrusted with semiprecious stones and brightly hued enamel, endowed with mechanical movement.

Rugs and Carpets

Dealers sell a broad range of rugs and carpets, including an sixteenth century Cairene rug, an antique silk kashan Persian rug with Jewish motif, and an antique Dagestan rug. This category includes a wide range of silk and wool pieces from top dealers specializing in rare and desirable rugs and carpets. The sheer size of the rugs and carpets themselves make for an absolutely stunning work of art and conversation piece in any room, public space or collection.

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Items in this section span rugs, carpets and runners with differing patterns and colors, though many are reminiscent of each other’s repetitive and complex structures that form eye-catching movement and designs throughout the textiles. Admire a 19th century Persian Serapi- Heriz rug with geometric medallions and bright colored shapes, or a Heriz runner from the Azerbaijan Province of Northwest Persia around the year 1900. Long, narrow antique Heriz runner are very rare; this one has a mixed wool and cotton warp that indicates considerable age.


A large number of fine clocks are for sale in this category, including an ebony striking clock by maker Thomas Tompion, a Swiss world time clock with a perpetual calendar, and a tall clock from an English observatory. Dealers bring an exclusive selection of bracket, desk and art deco clocks for every stage of collecting. Each item is hand-picked by a leading dealer who specializes in rare timepieces. If you ever wanted to own an antique clock, or are looking for a clock from a specific time period, try shopping this section of decorative arts for the perfect find.

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Some of the clocks in this category are antiquated while other are 20th century gems that bring to life the timelessness and pure artistry of clock-making. Our wide range of offerings include a mariner’s model bell clock made in 1927 with a rose bronze case and 6" silvered dial in excellent condition and a an onyx and marble art deco clock from 1900 finished on all sides of top rank quality.

Decorative Works of Art

The finest antique furniture and decorative arts of all styles and eras are for sale in this collection. Our dealers have gathered an incredible selection of porcelain from China to Sèvres, French tapestries, antique garden sculptures, and other unique beautiful pieces including Navajo blankets, antique frames, and specimen marble tables. There is never a dull moment when browsing the decorative arts category and discovering some of the finest furnishings and accents made from various continents over the years.

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Collectors will have a wide range of products to choose from and compare, as the offerings listed here are quite expansive. We carry some of the rarest items on the market, like an octagonal model of an Italian temple that made have been used as a teaching aid in 1850, or an extremely rare collection of 400 red wax cameos from the 18th century mounted with gild edge paper and housed in 6 original French gilt frames. These are just a few example of some of the rare and hard-to-find items nestled throughout this exciting group of art.


Dealers offer their finest furniture from a wide range of eras and styles, created for various rooms and functions in this collection. Purchase case pieces, chests of drawers, commodes, and writing desks in Queen Anne, Louis XVI, and Chippendale styles, in addition to chests, coffers, and modern items. The furniture in this category dates as far as the 17th century all the way to present-day designs. Explore this broad offering of furniture piece from the world over and add a historic gem to your personal collection.

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In this section of furniture from antiquity we carry many rich, solid wood chest of drawers and cabinets, for example: an Anglo-Dutch chest from 1660 with a rectangular molded-edge top and two drawers each with geometric moldings and engraved teardrop brass pulls or an English rare form chest with two pillow-fronted drawers and similarly decorated doors enclosing three drawers, made of pure oak. These are just a few of the magnificent, bold pieces awaiting collectors in our furniture category.

Mirrors and Frames

Dealers offer a number of antique and contemporary mirrors frames worthy of hanging in extraordinary collections. A rare antique Italian Sansovino frame joins with a classic twentieth century Newcomb-Macklin frame to give serious collectors a range of stylistic options. Our vintage and antique mirrors shed light on décor and home fashion of the 17th and 18th centuries, and their enduring strength and timelessness. This collection features prominent gold and wood items in prime condition.

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Take a look at our attractive George II period Walnut and parcel-gilt mirror circa 1750 in its original condition or purchase a sunburst mirror from 20th century Italy that features a circular structure made from many wood pieces “bursting” from the center like rays of sunlight, covered in handsome gold leaf and gold paint. Collectors may also enjoy a Chippendale mirror from 18th century New York with inlaid mahogany and floral embellishments.


The collection of models provided by our premier art dealers on these pages include hand-made works by artists from around the world. From a Prisoner-of-War bone and wood models to a set of three miniature Dieppe bone models, the artistic achievement of fine craftsmanship is represented by offerings from all around the globe, and you could soon own one of these very valuable realistic representations.

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Work ships, fishing boats, and other sea vessels, are portrayed accurately and masterfully in this selection of handmade decorative models. A 120-gun bone model from the last 18th century is one example of the pieces on display here. The miniature model is constructed in the traditional format with a wood core and planked-over with bone. Another classic extreme miniature bone model is one depicting a Napoleonic era Third-Rate, ship of the line, encased to protection, this is sure to be a favorite among model collectors.

Silver and Metalwork

The Silver and Metalwork category on The Curator’s Eye features a wide range of spoons, taps, wine coolers, and pitchers available from leading dealers around the world. Our offerings include pineapple-form silver serving pieces, an old silver German besamim jar, and a Mughal court silver pandan box. There are also several sets of candlesticks from the 18th century, dinnerware and even brass door locks that are still in superb condition.

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In this selection of fine metalwork and silver we offer a lovely pair of ten inch high candlesticks from 1750 England, an extremely rare coin silver communion cup is most likely from the mid-18th century given to the First Church of Christ in Brownville, Maine, and a pair of silver sauceboats engraved with a coat-of-arms and crest in Boston.

Architectural and Garden

The category of Architectural and Garden items features a range of unique works from leading dealers around the world. Offerings include an Italian carved stone fountain mask in the Mannerist style. An antique brass combination port rounds out the variety of collectible items available for sale here. Buyers can find weathervanes, doors and sculptures among other fine architectural items of antiquity in this decorative and handcrafted selection of pieces.

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We offer different sets of doors and frames from ancient palaces like an Indonesian set of door leaves and a frame from Bali dating to the 18th century and possibly to the early 19th century. This door is a classic example of the portals used in prominent Balinese pavilions (bale) within the palaces (pura) of Balinese royalty, possibly from the once powerful and prosperous kingdom founded in the 17th century. Collectors will also see doors from the ward room on the USS Constitution built between the years 1850-1900, given as a gift to someone who donated a large sum to the ship’s restoration.

All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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