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View The Curator's Eye's past auctions. Here you will find the details from a variety of previous events. View Art and antiques from the British Antique Dealers' Association, original and handmade objects from the tribes of Africa and jewelry from ancient times. Be keep an eye to our upcoming auctions so you can stay up to date on what fascinating objects will be coming up for sale here at The Curator's Eye.


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As a collector, you'll be happy to know that The Curator's Eye's inventory of art and antiques is constantly adding new and fascinating works of art. Be sure to keep an eye on our newsletter and The Curator's Eye's auction calendar to see what new and upcoming items we will have available.

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SALE CLOSED: 2016-NOVEMBER 30 - 2PM EST (7PM GMT) : Jewelry- Ancient, Asian and Ethnographic

Bid on medieval rings, ethnographic adornment, Asian and ancient jewelry. The sale is comprised of jewelry and adornment over time and cultures and consists of an array of "bling" that one cannot find anywhere else.

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SALE CLOSED : 2016-July-28-31 : African / Tribal Art and Antiques Auction

The Curator’s Eye pride themselves on their reputation for hosting dealers with wide knowledge of their chosen field of specialization and the high quality of their stock. It is with this in mind that the Curator's Eye presents his rare and important sale of antique and authentic African art of extremely high quality. The auction is sponsored by one of the world’s leading dealers and specialists in antique and authentic African art.


SALE CLOSED: 2016-July-14 : British Antique Dealers Association Auction : 10 AM EST

The British Antique Dealers' Association is the trade association for the leading antique dealers in Britain. Since its foundation in 1918 the BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business. Members are elected to the association for their high business standards and expertise. They adhere to a vigorously enforced code as laid down in the association's Bye-laws. After a thorough election procedure dealers continue to have their membership renewed and confirmed annually. BADA members pride themselves on their reputation for integrity, wide knowledge of their chosen field of specialisation and the high quality of their stock. It is for this reason that a member of the public can have confidence when buying from, or selling to, a member of the BADA. There are approximately three hundred and fifty dealers, galleries and shops throughout Britain who have met the very high standards that BADA demands.


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View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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