Ancient Chinese Art and Chinese Antiquities

We offer an impressive selection of Ancient Chinese antiques and artifacts brought to the market by leading private dealers from around the world. These rare and unique works include Buddhist carvings, Chinese jade, ancient art from the Tang Dynasty, including a terra cotta Tang Horse, and gold jewelry from the Song Dynasty. A cloud dragon pendant joins with a Scythian gold dragon necklace from Central Asia. Additionally, view a marble Bodhisattva from the Northern Zhou Dynasty, art from the era of the Ming Dynasty and a Zhou or Warring States bronze Bo, or musical bell. Browse ancient wine vessels, bronze bowls, and carved earth spirits in this impressive offering of rare and desirable objects of ancient Chinese art from across the Asian continent.

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Ancient Chinese art, Chinese antiques and jades from the various dynasties are only one segment of The Curator's Eye's full inventory of beautiful antiquities and ancient artifacts. We proudly work with dealers and galleries to bring collectors a complete array of works from ancient history, including Ancient Egyptian sculptures, Greek busts, Pre-columbian carvings and jewelry and much more.

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Ancient Chinese art and Chinese Antiquities

On sale is a selection of Ancient Chinese art from multiple eras, including the Tang Dynasty, Song dynasty and Ming Dynasty. These works include Buddhist antiquities, a terracotta Tang horse, and archaic openwork gold vessels, as well as an ancient cloud dragon pendant.

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