Ethnographic Arts: African Tribal Masks & Tribal Art

This category is dedicated to the varying art and customs of ethnographic and native cultures throughout the world. Here, you can purchase rare tribal art and artifacts from Australia, Africa and the Americas. Find objects from cultures everywhere from Colombia to Papua New Guinea, and many places in between. The finest offerings in African tribal masks, African art, Native American art, Pre-Columbian art, and Aboriginal tribal drawings, are sold in this notable collection, which features impressive tribal art, like Punu masks, fertility figures, tribal rugs, and other beautiful cultural artifacts. We also offer a comprehensive selection of Native American textiles and wooden carvings.

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Native American Art

There is plenty of Native American art to choose from here, and our dealers offer a variety of Native artifacts, namely carvings and weavings. Items important to the history of Native American cultures, such as a Hopi mask and an Aleutian shaman’s mask can be found among the works that define indigenous cultures of the US continent. The genres included in Native American art vary greatly and encompass a culture that is very skilled in multiple artistic subjects, like pottery, weaving, textiles and wood-working.

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South and Central American Art

In the South and Central American category, our dealers offer artifacts from many eras and regions. These range from a Veracruz seated shaman and a pair of Chancay wood carved standing figures, to a Huari painted textile panel, a Shavin stirrup-handle vase, and a Zapotec funeral urn. Faces are a consistent motif throughout these works in the form of masks and stone figures. The majority of these works are still in prime condition, with little weathering or signs of aging. For the best in Latin ethnographic art, browse the items displayed here.

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Ethnographic Jewelry

Ethnographic art is not all textiles, wooden carvings and figurines. This collection gives you the opportunity to view important ethnographic and Asian jewelry from around the world. Inside, find rare African Ivory bracelets, Eskimo made earrings and coral and silver anklets from Algeria. The same materials used in other ethnographic art combine here with precious stones and gems to create vibrant, wealthy jewelry pieces that are great artistic pieces on their own. Dealers have selected and chosen these as some of the rarest and finest examples of jewelry from ethnic and native cultures.

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Aboriginal Art

Some of the finest Aboriginal works make up this collection of Arts. View Aborigine shields, Australian carved emu eggs, and other rare and cultural artifacts in this category. From dealers located around the world, we offer items such as a superb aboriginal Lonka Lonka.

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Central Asian Arts

In the Central Asian portion of this category, find artifacts and jewelry including a rare beetlewing and shell ear ornament and a turquoise, pearl, and gold ear ornament for an official. Here also find other items from a variety of Central Asian cultures and eras.

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Middle East

In the Middle Eastern section of the Ethnographic and Tribal Arts category, view objects of rare and exquisite beauty originating in the Middle East. Items such as a Moroccan rug display a variety of carpet weaving techniques and ancient protection symbols. Here, The Curator’s Eye brings together middle eastern artifacts from leading private dealers in this category.

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Oceanic Art

Our dealers put forth an impressive offering of the hand clubs, staffs, and ancestor figures available in the Oceanic segment of our Ethnographic and Tribal Arts category. Also on offer are a Nukuoro Atoll coconut stool, a Maori patu, and a set of New Guinea disc clubs, all from countries such as Fiji and Australia. Collectors can browse many works from islands and cultures in Oceania that are rare and significant to understanding the tribes and art processes of the region. We offer paintings, sculpture and more so there is a selective, yet varied offering for your collection.

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Southeast Asian Art

In the Southeast Asian portion of our Ethnographic and Tribal Arts category, the rarest of antiquities come to the private market from our distinguished and trustworthy dealers based around the world. The Curator’s Eye features such exquisite and historic items as a dance mask from Dayak, Borneo and an early Nias chief ancestor figure.

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All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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