Militaria, Arms and Armor for Sale

Antique guns, daggers, and helmets can be found alongside swords and armor for sale, in this broad category of military-related artifacts. Spanning many centuries and cultures, this collection of arms and armor offers a remarkable opportunity for buyers to purchase an aspect of history that is often overlooked or hard to find: weaponry and arms. Collectors can buy collectible firearms, an assortment of knives, ceremonial swords and more, as well as war memorabilia such as photos, stirrups and others. The amount of tools and arms preserved from wars dating to the 16th century is tremendous, and a great way to honor the brave and committed soldiers who fought in dozens of national and international wars over the course of the last few centuries.

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Arms and Armor

You may choose from American powder horns and British pocket atlases in this collection of international military antiques. Our dealers have compiled a wide range of models, documents, and other items to create a history of battles and military over times. Search this category based on kinds of arms and equipment, such as armor and shields used in battles from the 17th centuries, edged weapons like knives, swords and the like, guns, which include antique pistols, rifles and their accompanying accessories, and other related items like rare photographs, maps and atlases, or signed documents by military commanders.

Antique Armor

This collection of tokens from historic battles and famed events brings to life many famed and storied battles from the past. If you are interested in war and military items from antiquity this is the best place to find the finest, rarest and most preserved period items used to fight actual battles by trained heroes. We offer Revolutionary War and Civil War memorabilia, an expansive one-of-a-kind gathering of high-quality pieces that are sure to complement your current collection. These military antiques can be used in a variety of personal, public and private collections, museums and related venues. Discover the world of military arms and instruments with this exciting wartime collection.

Armour and Shields

In this section of military and arms collectors will see a range of armor and shields compiled by the leading dealers of arms and weaponry in the world. Some of the items in this section date back several centuries and feature stunning and quite artistic detail and construction. You will have the chance to purchase rare and authentic armor in excellent condition through these listings.

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An example of a rare find in this collection is an incredible 18th century Indo-Persion ceremonial armor that consists of a sipar (shield), tabar (axe), bazu band (forearm guard) and a khula khud battle helmet. These magnificent ceremonial military artifacts were likely worn by soldiers for a celebratory or formalized event, like parades for example. The tabar was the traditional battle axe of Persian culture, and featured a light weight blade that made it easy to wield.

The armor in this category is traditionally crafted from steel or native precious metals and sometimes feature gold inlays, inscriptions, calligraphy, handmade images and other decorative detailing. Learn about the fighting practices and cultural traditions of military and warriors by purchasing a genuine shield or armor set of antiquity from our experienced dealers.

Edged Weapons

This is one of the most extensive categories in the arms and military offerings of The Curator’s Eye, with many kinds of swords, knives and related items available for purchase. We offer weapons from various time periods and geographic locations, creating a holistic picture of how weaponry and metalwork has changed and influenced itself over time. Purchase a rare blade with sheath from one of our numerous edged weapons dealers dated from antiquity and present-day.

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Among the offerings listed here are a few significant finds such as a Meteorite San Mai Knife handmade by Master Smith J. Neilson, judge of the hit show "Forged In Fire". The blade features a core of 1095 high carbon steel, sandwiched between meteorite canister. Collectors may also like a Napoleon period British naval dirk from 1800 that may have been made from an earlier sword or dagger.

Guns, Pistols and Cannons

Gun collectors will appreciate the diversity within this elective mix of pistols and rifles, mainly from antiquity. Shop rifles used in the Revolutionary War, pistol dagger hybrids and much more in our firearm collective provided by experienced and well-respected dealers. This is one of the few places you will find such a fine selection of period guns used on some of the more important military battles in history.

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Browse through our thorough offerings of firearms and fall in love with items such as a late 17th century Italian flintlock carbine signed by Pietro Pizzo, displaying the most artistic rendering of this kind of weapon on record. With brass accents, this is a prime example of the kind of unique weapons listed in this collection. You can also buy a pair of dueling flintlock pistols circa 1730 used by the continental French or Germans, crafted with beautiful carved walnut and gilded brass mounts throughout.

Other Militaria

Our expansive military and arms collection is not all gore and grit. While we sell a fine selection of firearms and weapons, there are plenty of memorabilia items and other historical pieces for purchase in this category. Collectors have access to rare signed documents, aged photos of important military figures, boxes, models and more to commemorate and remember the heroic efforts of soldiers during the course of time.

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We carry many sentimental and arresting images such as an oversized Ulysses S. Grant photograph by Frederick Gutekunst dated 1865 in light pencil or a fine carved marble relief of George Washington from 1835 with presentation inscription to Major Henry Wilson, U S Army. These are just a few of the items we offer that pay homage to leading figures of American military, often held in high regard. There is also a war commission from 1812 signed by President James Madison.

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