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The British Antique Dealers' Association is the trade association for the leading antique dealers in Britain. Since its foundation in 1918 the BADA has set the standard for trading in the antiques business. Members are elected to the association for their high business standards and expertise. They adhere to a vigorously enforced code as laid down in the association's Bye-laws. After a thorough election procedure dealers continue to have their membership renewed and confirmed annually. BADA members pride themselves on their reputation for integrity, wide knowledge of their chosen field of specialisation and the high quality of their stock. There are approximately three hundred and fifty dealers, galleries and shops throughout Britain who have met the very high standards that BADA demands.

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Asian Art Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

The Asian art presented by British Antique Dealers' Association dealers showcases the broad range of artistic and craft talent in the East, through unique, tangible artifacts various cultures. There are many items from China as well as its surrounding countries that cover a spectrum of genres, from dinnerware to quality décor. We offer porcelain punch bowls and roundels, a Chinese tureen, cover and stand, and an armorial pitcher. In addition to traditionally used items are 19th century lacquer panels in gold and various netsuke depicting animals and people. This is a premier assortment of extensive Asian art of the highest quality, brought to you by experienced collectors and experts.

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Fine Art Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

This is the perfect place to choose some of the best fine art on the market, without the hassle of traveling far. Collectors will find stunning artwork in this category that features original fine art paintings, rare prints, and detailed sculptures made by talented artists from a myriad of backgrounds. There is truly something for every part of your collection, such as framed portraits of families, a painting by Lev Tchistovsky, or a 19th bronze sculpture of Marcus Aurelius dating back to the 1800s. This is only the tip of the iceberg for a selection of prized art that ranges greatly in style, genre and period, making it a comprehensive destination for any collector.

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Watches, Jewelry, Silver and Vertu Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

The jewelry and watches items in this collection are a rare assortment of the most valuable and prized gems on the market today, in stunning artistic fashion. Collectors may view a wide range accessories and statement pieces in top condition and ready to showcase in any elite collection. Choose from pieces that are both historic and contemporary, such as enameled watches, a Cartier sapphire dress set, a sapphire and diamond crossover ring, art Deco double clips, or a rare Victorian silver cutlery set. These are just some examples of the many treasures that await you in this category that combines the practical, artistic, and valuable in one timeless collection.

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Furniture Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

British Antique Dealers offer the finest selection of antique, period, and rare furniture in the market today, with exquisite pieces from the leading furniture dealers in the world. Shop a walnut and Thuya sideboard by Gillows of Lancaster with inlaid details from England, circa 1877, or an Edwardian bureau bookcase made of satinwood that 3 silver plated ring handled drawers. This selection also offers furniture gems like our 17th Century Spanish mother of pearl hardwood coffer and rare Louis XVI Games Table with reversible top and gold embossed black leather. There are many treasures waiting for you in this luxurious collection.

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Modern and Contemporary Art Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

Buy contemporary art from Chinese character scrolls to modern paintings in the Modern and Contemporary Art group. A broad spectrum of works is for sale, including finely sculpted bronzes and abstract multiples, among other beautiful works of art. Our member dealers offer their finest modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture in this collection. See portrait drawings join realist oils and contemporary watercolors to present a broad spectrum of fine and rare contemporary and modern art. With two and three-dimensional artwork you will find a lovely item to add to your collection or use to decorate an empty space.

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Ceramics and Glass Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

In the Ceramics section of The British Antique Dealers' Association auction, collectors can find a beautiful assortment of precious handmade porcelain and pottery. Choose from Asian and European art that showcases dramatic and detailed artisan work. Dealers offer items such as an Italian maiolica apothecary pill pot and cover, or a set of Chinese porcelain urns and matching covers. Ceramics in this collection also include a glazed water pot formed likea beehive and a Philip Christians Liverpool relief mug. For some of the finest ceramics from China and the Western world, dating as far as 1650, browse the collection listed here.

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Antique Clock Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

Clocks are a big part of the decorative and design elements in a space, and antique clocks provide not only character and substance, but prestige as well. Our dealers combine these qualities to bring you an exclusive selection of high quality clocks that are in prime condition and make a wonderful investment to any display space. We carry many elegant items, including an English quarter striking bracket clock, a mahogany chisel timepiece wall clock, and a porcelain and ormolu figural mantel timepiece. This limited and choice group of clocks is a leader in timepiece collectors’ items and a wonderful place to find your next floor or mantel model.

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Textile Arts Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

In our collection of textile arts from The British Antique Dealers' Association, discover a plethora of handmade items from artisans all over the world, including the Western and Eastern hemispheres. Here, carpets and silkwork collide to create a dazzling display of textile genius that have lasted for generations. Our dealers offers the finest in 19th century Persian and Indian carpets with intricately woven designs, and carpet from the early 20th century with more modern designs. If you are a collector of wall art, browse the many silkwork pictures on display here, most of which date back to the 19th century and portray beautiful baskets of flowers, butterflies, maidens and roses. This is a premier opportunity to collect some of the most breathtaking silkwork and carpets in the world.

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Folk Art Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

Our exciting assortment of folk art was carefully gathered and curated to present the most valuable and intellectually stimulating pieces on the market today. Buyers can peruse a wide range of items and ephemera from several time periods, like a Noah’s Ark replica painted by injured WWI soldiers, or an amusing Folk Art watercolor depicting two sailors smoking clay pipes, circa 1850. There is also a charming painting of two young girls in matching blue dresses—one holding flowers while the other proffers cherries, and a cast iron, bucking mule money box. These are just a few examples of the charming, fascinating and well-crafted items you will find among our folk art treasures.

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Decorative works of Art Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

We offer a select and high-end collection of decorative arts that span the globe in style, structure and origin. Art connoisseurs will enjoy choosing from a myriad of works that cover the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries throughout Europe. Buyers can select an embossed Swedish chandelier featuring its original paint, or Dutch brass chandeliers designed for the holidays, also from Sweden. We offer practical items like an Indian Sewing box with etched floral borders, and George III mahogany cellarette with brass castors & carrying handles. If you’re looking for something a bit more iconic, browse our large painted Noah’s ark was made in England by injured soldiers from The First World War to help them in their rehabilitation and many other prized items.

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Mirrors Lots from The British Antique Dealers' Association

One of the rarest and most prized accessories available for sale are these gorgeous and intricate mirrors. The British Antique Dealers' Association provide some of the best items, ensuring each collector has a prime selection of antiques pieces to choose from, such as an antique satinwood toilet mirror with fine painted decoration and the original brass claw feet, and a Regency giltwood pier mirror depicting a goddess & putti harvesting corn. Some mirrors feature Egyptian masks, tablets, Italian carvings, and copper panels. Mirrors date between the early 19th century to the early 20th century and boast some of the finest craftsmanship of the European continent.

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All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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BADA Auction : The British Antiques Dealers Association Auction, July 14, 2016 : 10 AM EST