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The Curator’s Eye collection of the art of Asia offers an opportunity for collectors to feast their eyes on magnificent modern and ancient works. In it, the joyous humor of mischievous Japanese netsuke contrast with Gandharan Buddhist sculpture, to expand on the human experience. Our Asian galleries and dealers offer an impressive selection of Chinese Art, Islamic Art, Indian Art, Japanese antiques, and Southeast Asian Art. Purchasable works include an ancient Buddha head, Japanese woodblock prints, contemporary paintings by Asian artists, among other rare and beautiful objects.

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Asian Galleries

The span of Oriental Art as a category also includes a tang horse, ancient ritual wine ewers, antique Chinese export porcelain, Islamic Art, and Contemporary Art, including scroll paintings, a Buddha face, and early maps of Japan. Collectors can view sculptures of important Buddhist figures, dramatic or tender modern art, beautiful silk textiles, jeweled mirrors and Chinese picnic boxes used generations ago. This impressive and engaging assortment of fine art and hand-crafted piece from the Asian continent celebrate a tradition of revolutionary and disciplined art practices that have lasted hundreds of years.

Islamic Art and Indian Art

For the rarest antiques and artwork that have been preserved in excellent condition, browse our selection of Asian artwork. You can choose to search by a particular country or subculture, such as Japanese, Himalayan, Indian, Korean, Chinese, or Southeast, or take a look at our section of beautiful art pieces from a variety of artists, time periods and places. Collectors will enjoy discovering more about the history and customs of such a storied and important part of our global landscape through this elite gathering of the best artifacts and fine art available.

Chinese Antiques and Art

Buy from a large selection of Chinese terracotta, glass, and other collectibles. These works include Buddhist antiques, Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty pottery, among other rare objects. Browse Ming Dynasty and ancient wine vessels which join the offerings of art from across north, south, east and west China. Our artwork listed on these pages dates back to 200 BC and as recently as the mid-20th century. From ancient bells and bronze figures to art deco chairs and paintings, there is something for every style and era of your collection.

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Many ancient works are a part of this spectacular and visually arresting section of Asian art. One example of a fully preserved ancient artifact if a bronze bell from the Dian Culture with rare patterns of tigers and other animals along the surface. The Dian Culture of ancient Yunnan mastered the art of bronze casting, making this an artistically significant piece. There is also a bronze lidded vessel called a jian, made only during the Eastern Zhou, around 700 BC.

Indian Antiques

In the Indian Art category dealers sell artifacts from all eras. These range from a handwritten, signed note by Gandhi to an antique Zulfikar sword. Here you can find antique silver from the Mughal court, an inlaid model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and fine collectibles. Figures, jewelry and wine chalices are just some of the fine pieces on display from reputable art dealers who are experienced in the appraisal and sale of important Indian works.

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Pure silver is a favorite in the Indian category, like a 17th century eight-sided silver filigree pandan or betel box, probably from Indo-Portuguese Goa, featuring a beautifully decorated hinged cover with scrolling Indian lotus design. There is also a 19th century hookah, with waisted body and projecting spout at one side of particularly fine cast, made from a very high-grade solid silver (a grade above sterling) and a teapot by the colonial Calcutta silversmiths Hamilton & Co.

Modern & Contemporary Asian

Collectors can view important modern & contemporary art from across China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia in this gathering of contemporary and modern work. See pieces from the Thai artists Seri Phuengporn, Pairoj Karndee and Vichit Nongnual alongside a modernist faceted Kirin. In addition, see modern Asian pottery pieces, including an Ando Enamel seashore vase or riveting framed oil paintings by popular current artists.

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The paintings in this category are both engaging and full of life, such as DinhY Nhi’s large “Asian Story,” a multi-layered oil on canvas, rich in texture—or Painter Duong Viet Nam’s “Spring,” a 36 x 48 inch masterpiece painted with both oil and acrylic paints on canvas in a loose and colorful style reminiscent of the flowering brilliance of a spring day. Many of the artists represented in these works have shown at well-respected galleries and museums both internationally and in their native countries.

Japanese Art / Korean Art

Included in this selection are the finest Japanese and Korean art pieces, carvings, antique maps, and porcelain available. Collectors can buy gilded screens or byobu, fine enamel tea sets by renowned makers and exporters, ceramic jars, and inlaid lacquer coffers. These form a fine grouping of art from Japan and Korea that is a top notch resource for authentic Asian artwork. Purchase a lovely drawing, etching or book for your personal collection.

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Some of the pieces in this selection are antiquated, such as an impressive 18th century Japanese six-panel screen depicting a palatial compound on cliffs peeking through morning fog, which measures over five feet tall and over twelve feet long, colored by paint and gilt on paper. There are also beautiful artisan ceramics to choose from like a monumental Japanese Satsuma ceramic covered jar that features exceptional raised decorations and four different scenes of divine figures in a celestial setting, circa 1960.

Himalayan and Tibetan Art

In the Himalayan, Tibetan, and Nepalese Art category, our dealers sell artifacts from a range of times. These include a gilded, cast copper alloy image of Maitreya, gilt copper items from Tibet, an ancient statuette of the feminine Tara, Bodhisattva, and a pair of parcel-gilded ritual wine ewers. This group of artwork is both selective and prestigious, for its rare and calculated structure, detailed finish and significant religious and cultural meaning. These handmade pieces are some of the finest in the world and are not frequently found in such superb condition.

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Figures are a large component of Tibetan and Himalayan artistry, with many small and mid-sized structures that depict gods, people and divinity figures throughout several historic periods. Collectors can choose from sculptures that include a portrayal of Padmapani (The Lotus Bearer), made from carved rock crystal in Nepal around the 16th century or later, or a gilded, copper cast alloy image of Maitreya from 15th century central Tibet. The artwork shown here is very expressive and tells a lot about the workers and artisan in 15th and 16th century Asia.

Southeast Asian Antiques

In our category of Southeast Asian artwork and antiques, rare objects are sold alongside fine art from our distinguished dealers based around the world. We feature such exquisite and collectible items as a Khmer bronze of Garuda. Here the collector can even find art objects from Spanish Colonial Philippines, and surrounding areas, making it the premier place to shop for area-specific art from anywhere on the globe. We only display the finest, most fully preserved artifacts and fine artworks, to ensure a premier gathering of the most elite pieces in today’s market.

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This collection is full of many varied styles and kinds of art to complement any collection. A fine ceremonial fork from early 19th century Fiji in excellent condition with a superb, deep patina joins a Thai image of the Buddha seated in the 'calling the earth to witness' position made from a lacquered composite base and chased sheet silver. Collections even have the opportunity to purchase a stately palace door a frame from 18th-early 19th century Bali, Indonesia. It dates to the 18th century and possibly to the early 19th century.

Middle Eastern Art and Antiques

In the Middle Eastern Art category, you will find a collection of Persian carpets alongside a pair of 18th century carved crucifixes. In addition, collectors can peruse a middle Assyrian gold and blue agate bull pendant followed by a Qajar still life painting. The works in our selection of fine art and artifacts reflect the beauty of the geographic and cultural landscape found throughout the Middle Eastern region.

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There are many lovely fine art paintings displayed here, such as the 2004 Purple Water Lily 2004, an unframed, oil and gold leaf painting on canvas signed and dated on back by Iranian/American painter Roshan Houshmand. This “trailscript” painting is a style of fine art inspired by poetry, travel and prayer of the East, mysteriously evolved from the “Event Paintings.” Much of Houshmand’s work is featured here by leading dealers of his work.


Inside, find important Asian weapons and armor including a princely heirloom kris and a rare S-shaped Zulfikar sword. In addition, you will find a collection of 19th century maps of Japan which includes a woodblock Atlas of Japan and map of the world in two hemispheres from 1848. Discover the historic progression of Japanese cartography, printing and metalwork in this assortment of masterful Asian work. Our dealers bring the finest in pieces from across the East to expand the scope and reach of some of the best artifacts and artisan work available.

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Purchase 19th century textiles that will transform your idea of embroidery forever, such as a stunning aged linen panel from Kutch, northern India colored with natural dyes, most likely part of a wedding trousseau. It is a prime example of the earlier type of embroidery once found in the Kutch region and has been professionally conserved. We also carry swords, like an outstanding Mughal sword with a hilt covered in rubies from 1700.

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View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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