Ancient Mediterranean Art

Find a selection of ancient Mediterranean art, including Byzantine art, Minoan art, Etruscan art and artifacts. View a pair of large Etruscan bucchero kyathoi, a large Sardinian stone axe and a Byzantine cross pendant.

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Browse All Ancient Art

In addition to Etruscan art and Byzantine art, find ancient art from all over the globe. Browse Greek sculptures, Egyptian sculptures, Roman rings and Pre-Columbian jewelry in this collection.

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Byzantine Cross Pendant and Other Ancient Mediterranean Art

Collectors will find a fantastic collection of Mediterranean artifacts. View a Byzantine cross pendant alongside a Etruscan Bronze Figure of Herakles. Byzantine art and Etruscan art are represented most of all in this collection.

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All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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