Ancient Egyptian Art for Sale

Find ancient Egyptian artifacts for sale, including rare and exquisite antiquities from centuries ago, right here in this gathering of historic work. Our dealers offer such objects as a Mittonian blue cylinder seal, a carved wood falcon, a faience baboon, plaster and papyrus masks, and an Egyptian bronze sculpture of Isis and Horus. Find more ancient Egyptian jewelry, like a gold ring with an Egyptian scarab decoration, and other Egyptian pottery. The beautiful Egyptian art found in our collection is derived from naturally-occurring objects, like sandstone or wood that firmly ties it to its own environment. To capture a piece of one of the most storied regions in the world, look through these irreplaceable ancient Egyptian artifacts for sale.

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Egyptian Sculpture

Included in the Egyptian art division are many detailed carvings that have withstood the demise of fallen empires and the test of modern civilization. Purchase a relief carving from the New Kingdom depicting a man and lotus blossoms, or a wooden headdress from 660 BC that details the appearance and dress of ancient Egyptians. Some of the artwork in this category features images of Pharaohs and their surrounding areas and were once in the possession of museums. Many of the busts on display in this category reveal the many fake eyelashes, wigs, and accessories ancient Egyptians wore to create an image of beauty.

Exceptional Ancient Art

The Curator's Eye's ancient art collection includes much more than our Egyptian sculpture, pottery, and Egyptian artifacts for sale. Browse exceptional works from across ancient human history - find important Roman sculpture, Greek artifacts, Assyrian artworks and Pre-Columbian jewelry.

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Ancient Egyptian Art

Buy ancient Egyptian artifacts including rare and exquisite art from centuries ago. Our dealers offer Egyptian antiquities such as a gold ring with a scarab, ancient Egyptian pottery, a carved wood falcon sculpture, plaster and papyrus masks, and a bronze sculpture figurine of Isis and Horus. Together, these present an impressive collection of Egyptian art.

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