Ancient Artifacts for Sale

Our collection of stunning antiquities for sale include Roman antiquities, pieces that are Greek, Etruscan, and Egyptian, and early works of art from China, the Near East and Pre-Colombian Latin America. Examples of items for sale are ancient pottery, Roman antiquities, and ancient textiles, in addition to archaic carved stone reliefs, marble sculpture, and Roman intaglios. You have the chance to splurge on the finest Egyptian classical antiquities from various dynasties and periods, and museum-quality collectibles such as mummy masks, roman coins, offering plates, sculpted marble and stone, and other ancient artifacts for sale. Our Pre-Colombian art ranges anywhere from Colima pottery to Mayan flints and vessels. Most of the pieces are centuries old and authentic remnants of life in ancient cities and villages throughout the world. Don't miss this chance to purchase ancient art direct from our network of private antiquities dealers.

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Ancient Egyptian Art

Purchase genuine Egyptian Art and antiquities, including rare and exquisite artifacts from centuries ago, right here in this gathering of historic work. Our dealers offer such objects as a gold ring with a scarab from Ancient Egypt, a Mittonian blue cylinder seal, a carved and wood falcon, a faience baboon, plaster and papyrus masks, and a bronze figure of Isis and Horus. Each piece is derived from a naturally-occurring object, like sandstone or wood that firmly ties it to its own environment. To capture a piece of one of the most storied regions in the world, look through these irreplaceable samples of ancient Egyptian culture.

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Greek Antiquities

If you are avid admirer of Greek art and design, you can buy an extraordinary breadth of Ancient Greek art and artifacts in this category. From a Chalcidian-type bronze helmet from ancient Greece to an Apulian plastic head vase and a late Archaic Greek seated sphinx, browse this category to find and learn about the finest Greek antiquities. These items represent one of the strongest and most famed times in Greek history, and serve as a testament to the country’s amazing innovations and strength at the time.

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Pre-Columbian Art

The Pre-Columbian Antiquities category features a broad range of items for sale. Dealers sell artifacts from many eras and regions across Latin America. These range from a Veracruz shaman and a pair of Chancay wood carved standing figures, to an ancient standing figure of Teotihuacan. Also find an Alamito mask, and an antique Paracas mantle. Search pages of pre-Columbian artwork and artifacts from ancient times for the right piece to accent or begin your antiquities collection. In this selection, you will see the range and breadth of pre-Columbian artistry which includes furniture, sculpture, jewelry, home décor, masks, and textiles.

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Ancient Roman Art

The Roman Empire is one of the most famous, most studied empires in the world, with so much history withstanding thousands of years of development, and it’s exciting to see the artwork displayed here. Dealers offer a collection of Roman antiquities including ancient roman coins and an ancient marble head of a bearded man. View examples of Roman metalwork, including a Silver Skyphos in addition to ancient carved reliefs, marble sculpture and antique intaglios set in rings. If you are looking for figures or smaller coins and tokens, you will undoubtedly discover them in this rare gathering of ancient Roman ephemera.

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Other - Including Medieval Art

This section is the melting pot of all things ancient. Here, you will find an assortment of collectibles, jewels, sculpture and more from various corners of the globe. The items you see here are largely European, but also include collectibles from India and other countries in the East. This is the perfect collection of ancient offerings for anyone looking to expand on artwork from different regions and genres. The dealers and pieces in this section are top-notch, still in prime condition and are complete with a contextual backstory that places them firmly within their proper relevance in history.

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All Categories of Art from Leading Dealers

View artworks from leading dealers in all categories, including; Asian Art, Ancient Art, Books, Decorative Arts, Ethnographic Arts, Fine Art, Modern and Contemporary, Jewelry, and Natural History.

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