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The Curator's Eye sells Fine and Rare Antiques online. Its antiques gallery is where buyers engage directly with worldwide art dealers, galleries and antiques dealers. If you are looking for a central place to access premier artifacts and creative works, we encourage you to become a part of our community of art enthusiasts and avid buyers. We work with some of the leading figures in fine art, antiques and collectibles from across the globe to present collectors with a vast offering of the finest art and historical ephemera. Everything you see on our site is a valuable, authentic piece, so you can shop in confidence, knowing we bring you the best in a myriad of genre. Register online to receive exclusive information about products and access to dealer and buying information all in one location.

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Ancient Art for Sale

Ancient art, which dates from the beginning of recorded history to the early Middle Ages, is both rare and invaluable in its testament to history. You can purchase stunning and rare antiquities from Ancient Rome, Greece, China, the Near East and Latin America (including ritual wine ewers), and Buddhist sculpture and artifacts. These objects join helmets, cylinder seals, and others to form an encyclopedic offering of ancient art that tells a specific story of life in ancient civilizations. Offerings feature fine items such as mummy masks, roman coins, offering plates, Pre-Colombian art and artifacts from Colima pottery to Mayan flints and vessels. This category, which is limited in quantity, is without a doubt, one of the rarest and most significant forms of art available.

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Antique Books, Antique Maps and Illuminated Manuscripts for sale

The rare books, manuscripts, and antique maps for sale here are artifacts of thought and exploration across cultures. Plates from Audubon join autographed letters by Einstein, Freud, Gandhi, and Lincoln to form an encyclopedic collection of the written word. Our dealers put forth an impressive offering of the finest antiquarian books, illuminated manuscripts, antique maps available, as well as signed first edition books such as Gone with the Wind, fine city views, scarce atlases, and impressive star catalogues. These join unique typed manuscripts and a hand-written nineteenth century whaling journal to form a carefully curated selection of valuables from rare book and autograph dealers across the globe.

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Antiques for sale - Furniture and Decorative Arts

These antiques for sale include decorative arts and furniture sold here by antique dealers display the beauty and aestheticism formed across cultures. Buyers will be delighted in how the stately grandeur of English and French furniture marries with the minimalism of contemporary design in museum-quality items. Our dealers offer antiques for sale including porcelain from China to Sèvres, French tapestries, antique garden sculptures, and many other unique and beautiful pieces including Navajo blankets, antique frames, and specimen marble center tables. Tiffany lamps join with 16th century Persian rugs and French antiques to form a distinctive, encompassing selection of fine items of decorative arts and furniture.

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Jewelry, Silver and Vertu for sale

Dealers sell stunning pieces of unique jewelry from all eras, ranging from Art Deco necklaces by Cartier to ancient Mayan jade pendants. Embellish your collection with one-of-a-kind items, and enjoy browsing our dealers’ items of delicate and exquisite beauty, offering stunning pieces of unique silver and jewelry from all eras. These range from Art Deco necklaces by Cartier to ancient Mayan jade pendants. Here you can find portrait miniature pins, gold signet rings, and one-of-a-kind brooches. Channel inlay sterling silver Zuni Pueblo jewelry, unique cuff bracelets with ancient Roman coins affixed, and Roman intaglio rings are available for your browsing pleasure. Rings with carved coats of arms and jeweled pendants are among the truly exceptional items of delicate, rare and exquisite beauty from cultures spanning the globe and several time periods.

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African artworks and other Ethnographic Art for sale

Some of the finest African Art, African masks, Native American art, pre-Columbian art, and Aboriginal works are sold in this notable collection of Ethnographic Arts. Buy impressive tribal art that includes a selection of Punu masks, fertility figures, wood figures, and other rare cultural artifacts from Ethnographic cultures. We offer a comprehensive selection of Navajo blankets and a significant number of carvings from a large variety of African tribal traditions. In this category, you can purchase unique, handmade objects from cultures spanning the globe and several generations.

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Militaria, Arms and Armour for sale

Within the category of arms, armour and militaria is a plethora of antique guns, daggers, and swords for sale alongside helmets, in this broad category of military-related artifacts. Spanning centuries and cultures, the collection of arms and armor offers a remarkable opportunity for buyers and browsers to capture a piece of military history. Items in this collection include British brass pistols, historic documents, photos and aged weaponry, all used by various servicemen from across the globe.

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Asian Art for Sale

This collection of Asian art offers an opportunity for viewers to marvel at the craftsmanship or purchase items of beauty. You will see the joyous humor of mischievous Japanese netsuke join with Gandharan Buddhist carvings to expand and expound on the human experience. Dealers here offer an impressive selection of Chinese Antiques, Indian Art, Japanese Art, and SE Asian collectible objects. Purchasable works include antique Buddha carvings, filigreed silver antiques, Japanese woodblock prints, among other rare and beautiful objects. The span of Asian Art as a category includes a tang horse, Ancient ritual wine ewers, antique Chinese export porcelain, Islamic Art, and Contemporary Art including scroll paintings and early maps of Japan.

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Scientific and Natural History Collectibles for sale

For those interested in the sciences and natural history, a fine fossil, crystal, gemstones or globes is the ideal purchase. Experienced dealers sell dinosaur fossils, anatomical models, natural history prints and scientific instruments such as telescopes, sundials, and barometers. Important documents pertaining to the history of science and nature are available for purchase, such as an Octavo Edition of Audubon's Birds of America or Watson and Crick’s groundbreaking paper on the structure of DNA. You will also find semi-precious stones and early printed maps that exhibit a unique collection of scientific instruments. This is the perfect selection for anyone interested in precious stones and historical instruments.

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Folk Art and Americana for sale

The Americana and Folk Art category presents a wide range of objects that cover furniture to collectibles. As you browse, you will find first editions of classic books, presidential signatures, weather vanes and trade signs. Here, dealers offer a variety of folk art, Americana and collectibles for sale. Items important to the history of American culture, such as colonial maps and first edition classics can be found among the paintings, sculpture and decorative arts that define American style. View gilt Federal period mirrors, engraved scrimshaw, charming hooked rugs, weather vanes, ship models, and a Nantucket basket that reflects the history of America as a seagoing nation. Additionally, a selection of presidential memorabilia including bronze profiles and life masks, autograph albums, and signed presidential orders round out this category.

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Antique Rugs & Textile Arts for sale

In the Antique Rugs and Textile Arts collection, dealers offer a significant collection of Middle Eastern textiles that include a Shirvan prayer rug alongside a Pre-Columbian feathered ponchito of the Nasca People and an Incan textile. View a significant collection of Native American textiles including a classic Moki Navajo blanket and a Navajo transitional blanket. Find an Aubergine Hand Woven Silk Lowan alongside a representative embroidered jacket of the Kauer people. These rare historic items create an impressive selection of textiles from around the world that are second to none.

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Fine Art for Sale

Fine Art includes artworks that are appreciated and bought primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. Our collection, sold by leading dealers and galleries has offerings from 19th century paintings to impressionist oils to photography. In this online Art Gallery, dealers offer fine art for sale including paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture. See carved marble busts, masterful figure sketches, detailed architectural paintings, and abstract multiples, among many other works of fine art. Classic photographs documenting the Native American tradition join 17th century old master oils and contemporary watercolors to present a broad spectrum of fine and rare art.

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Contemporary Art and Modern Art for sale

In this category, you will have the opportunity to buy contemporary art from Chinese character scrolls to modern paintings. The broad spectrum of works for sale include finely sculpted bronzes and abstract multiples, among other beautiful works of art. Our dealers offer their finest modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and sculpture in this collection, that masterful figure sketches and detailed architectural paintings. Conte crayon portrait drawings join realist oils and contemporary watercolors to present a holistic picture of today’s modern and contemporary masterpieces. From Chinese ink character scrolls to oil paintings of racehorses completed last year, this selection from leading dealers is designed to appeal to many different tastes.

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