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The Curator's Eye is a private forum where buyers engage directly with worldwide art dealers, galleries and antiques dealers.

We market rare and exclusive artworks, which are available for immediate purchase by direct inquiry to dealers who are highly qualified and schooled in their trade. These dealers are leaders in their fields who sell exceptional fine and antique art, antiques and fine collectibles, many of them invaluable objects of museum quality and distinction. Our online antiques and art storehouse is ready for your leisurely browsing.

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Ancient Art for Sale

Buy rare antiquities from Ancient Rome, Greece, China, the Near East and Latin America, including ritual wine ewers, and Buddhist sculpture and artifacts. These objects join helmets, cylinder seals, and others to form an encyclopedic offering of ancient art.

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Scientific and Natural History Collectibles

This collection brings together all types of rare scientific collectibles. Here one can immediately buy scientific instruments, documents, minerals and fossils instead of waiting for natural history and heritage auctions.

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Ethnographic and Tribal Arts

Purchase rare artifacts from Australia, Africa and America, including fertility figures and masks in our Ethnographic and Tribal Arts segment. You will find objects from cultures spanning the globe, from Colombia to Alaska to Papua New Guinea and many in between.

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Rugs & Textile Arts

In the Antique Rugs and Textile Arts collection, dealers offer a significant collection of Middle Eastern textiles including a Shirvan prayer rug alongside a Pre-Columbian feathered ponchito of the Nasca People. These, and more, come together in an impressive selection of important textiles from around the world.

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Rare Books, Maps and Manuscripts

The rare books, manuscripts, and maps for sale here are artifacts of thought and exploration across cultures. Here, plates from Audubon join signed letters by Einstein, Freud, Gandhi, and Lincoln to form an encyclopedic collection of the written word.

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Asian Art for Sale

The collection of Asian art offers an opportunity for viewers to feast their eyes or purchase items of beauty. In it, the joyous humor of mischievous Japanese netsuke join with Gandharan Buddhist carvings to expand and expound on the human experience.

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Contemporary Art and Modern Art

Buy contemporary art from Chinese character scrolls to modern paintings in the Modern and Contemporary Art group. A broad spectrum of works are for sale, including finely sculpted bronzes and abstract multiples, among other beautiful works of art.

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Furniture and Decorative Arts

The Decorative Arts and furniture sold here by antique dealers display the beauty and aestheticism found and formed across cultures. Buyers will be delighted in how the stately grandeur of English and French furniture joins with the minimalism of contemporary design.

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Militaria, Arms and Armour

Antique guns, daggers, and swords are for sale alongside helmets, in this broad category of military-related artifacts. Spanning centuries and cultures, the collection of arms and armor offers a remarkable opportunity for buyers and browsers.

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Jewelry, Silver and Vertu

Dealers sell stunning pieces of unique jewelry from all eras, ranging from Art Deco necklaces by Cartier to ancient Mayan jade pendants. Embellish your collection with one-of-a-kind items, and enjoy browsing our items of delicate and exquisite beauty.

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Fine Art for Sale

Fine Art includes artworks that are appreciated and bought primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. Our collection, sold by leading dealers and galleries has offerings from 19th century paintings to impressionist oils to photography.

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Western Americana

In our Western American Arts category, dealers offer for purchase paintings, photographs and Native American arts. In this collection are works by Edward Curtis, works by Frederic Remington and Navajo textiles- arts that capture the beauty of the American West.

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Folk Art and Americana

Our dealers in the Americana and Folk Art category have presented a wide range of objects that cover furniture to collectibles. As you browse you will find first editions of classic books, presidential signatures, weather vanes and trade signs.

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Musical Instruments

On offer is one of the finest selections of classic guitars, alongside other rare examples from the past four centuries. Find mid 20th century Gibson guitars, such as a 1952 Gibson SJ and a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard PAF Goldtop. Alongside you will find a Steinway o model piano This is a truly unique offering of high-end musical instruments.

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