The Curator's Eye works with leading dealers from all over the world bringing art collectors the finest selection of art, antiques and historical objects. Registration is necessary for direct enquiries related to purchasing and for further information about member dealers.


The Curator's Eye

Dealers and Galleries

Dealers and galleries are held to specific standards when listing items on CuratorsEye.com. Please take a look at our Marketing Solutions for Art Dealers and Galleries and contact us for membership requirements for dealers and for questions about our other services.


Clients interested in browsing The Curator's Eye site are likely to be discerning collectors and/or museum curators who are looking to find unusual and extraordinary art objects for their collections.

Versus Auction Houses

The Curator's Eye does not hold auctions, nor is it Ecommerce. The Curator's Eye precipitates collector interest by showcasing objects from the most respected art dealers in the world. Spirited browsing and direct enquiry with the dealer simulates the art show experience. Registration is necessary for direct enquiries related to purchasing.